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5 Helpful Tips on Gate Installation

Most people choose their gate based on their fence and the look they want for their home. But, it’s also important to differentiate between the gate for your vehicle and a gate for people. The first one shouldn’t be easily accessible, but the one for humans should be.

However, the whole process of installing can be confusing. So, here are some tips:

Most people choose their gate based on their fence and the look they want. The process of gate installation can be confusing. So, here are some tips:

Choose It All at the Same Time

The best look is always the one that matches well – this is especially true with gates and fences. This means that you should choose both at the same time. Of course, this may not always be possible, in which case you will likely want to discuss your options with your contractor. Most of them will offer to match your fence material.

Your options are usually:


  • Wrought iron – Here’s more info on these.
  • Wood
  • Aluminum


The first one is the most expensive but it looks amazing and it can’t be ignored. It will instantly make your home look more stylish and more expensive.


If you have a brick fence, then you can choose any material that you want from this list. However, if you have some materials in your brick fence, then those should be matched in the gate. Be careful though, this is the feature of your home most people will notice right away and it should be something you want to stick with for years.


Before you install it, make sure that space, where you want your gate to be, is actually yours and read up on some fencing regulations.

Inform the Council

It’s important to notify the authorities – especially the local council – that you have plans for installing a gate or a fence. It may not sound like a big deal at first, but you might need some permissions from them. Here’s what you might need: https://www.thespruce.com/permits-for-fences-1822353


If you run into any issues, the council will be able to tell you what you did wrong. Common issues include fencing outside of your property, dividing fences paid by just one party, not both of the neighbors and so on. You need to talk with your neighbors when it comes to dividing fences as you have to agree on the materials. They don’t have to match the materials that you use in the front, especially if you or your neighbors want higher ones that can’t be seen through. It’s important to compromise and discuss this before it really happens.

gate installment for homes

Protect Your Dog

In case you have a dog that you don’t want to leave your property, you should make sure that:


  • Both the gate and the fence should be high enough for your dog not to be able to jump over it. If it’s a smaller dog then you have nothing to worry about, but with a bigger dog, it’s probably best to get a higher one.
  • They shouldn’t be able to dig under the fence or squeeze between posts.
  • They shouldn’t be able to climb the fence either – make sure that your horizontal posts are close together so that the dog can’t fit their paw between them.


A rounded gate with sharp elements will prevent the dog from jumping over it. However, since most dogs live in the backyard, you should focus most of your efforts there or train your dog not to want to jump out.


Automatic Gates

Gates for people should be easy to open – for example, a child should have no issue opening the gate. However, the gates on your driveway are harder to open and it can be a problem. You don’t want to have to walk out of your car every time you want to get in or out. Especially so when it’s raining or snowing outside. This is where an automatic gate can help. They are usually top quality doors and more expensive but the convenience is worth it.


Kids love to wander around but it can be dangerous – especially if you live on a road where there’s a lot of traffic. This is why you should install a childproof latch on your gate. It should be high enough that they can’t reach it.


Remember to add fences to your pool as well.


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