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Top 5 Dog Training Commands Your Dog Needs to Learn

When it comes to training your family pet, you need to ensure you have the right commands. Your dog can then understand the importance of them after teaching them. Teaching your dog the right commands and cues will be extremely useful as they get older. Especially when it comes to taking them out on walks and having them around members of the public. They are just like other crucial things of your life and must be treated as you treat your own family members. Here are the top five dog training commands your dog needs to learn.

When it comes to training your family pet, you need to ensure you have the right commands. Here's the top 5 dog training commands your dog needs to learn.


To begin, this particular training command is probably one of the most important commands from the list. It must be given the due priority as is the case in all the decent set-ups. Having your dog been able to look at you and acknowledge you is crucial for a number of different reasons. These reasons do carry weight and must be kept in mind all the time. You want your dog’s attention to stay on you, as you are the master and ultimately will be using eye contact to teach them additional commands.

This deep looking contact definitely makes the things easier to be learnt. In the early stages, it can be hard to hold your dog’s attention, especially during the puppy stage, as they just want to run around, play make merry for the fun and frolic, but if you invest in some useful dog training treats like these, you can use them as a little distraction to catch your dog’s attention. The eye contact will definitely improve the already strong mutual bonging with your pet.



Next, it’s usually found that people try to teach their dogs to sit before any other command, which can often be a little confusing for them. They think that their dog will learn it quite easily and smoothly while the fact is the other way round. Some dogs take a really long time to learn this posture. They do sit at times but not when are supposed to.

Sit is a command that comes in extremely useful, it helps you to keep your dog stationary and settled when required, which can also save their lives in certain scenarios. For example, if you are crossing a road and your dog has no lead, the sit command comes in very useful as you can have them sit by the side of the road until it’s safe to cross. If your dog cannot follow the sit command, you should focus on mastering this before they get too much older.

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Lie Down

Just like the sit command, teaching your dog to lie down will become very useful when wanting them to relax and calm down. Their body muscles will be stretched sufficiently enough to get relaxed and re-energized for all the activities. As they proceed in age, their body need more rest and relaxation. A great motivator can be using treats or toys to help reward and enhance the behavior that you are looking to have. We use the best dog chews for puppies and they work great!

Younger dogs are well known for being hyper and energetic, so you need a command that will help to calm this and settle them down. This is quite useful if you want them to utilize their energy for a longer period. You’ll also find that teaching your dog to lie down helps you get to the next step of other commands, such as roll over. So, it is right to say that this very command will definitely go a long way towards making your dog learn many other commands as well.



The stay command is extremely useful when in busier situations. At that time, it becomes your earnest desire to have your dog follow your stay command so that you may successfully pass the busy stage peacefully and successfully. For example, if you’re letting a bike pass on the path, or you want your dog to stay put to let traffic past, then you want to have confidence in the fact that your dog will sit and wait patiently until it’s safe to go again. Stay is also a great command for playing in the field on your dog walks. By teaching your dog to sit and stay, you can then throw their favorite ball for them to fetch but remember not to let them go until you say so.

Leave It

Lastly, have you ever been sat in the kitchen with a plate of food freshly made, with two beady eyes staring back at you from the floor? I think we all have. Well, teaching your dog to leave it is really important when your dog likes to sniff out any food going or attempts to pinch things from the table. Sometimes it does irritate you or your guests around and you get embarrassed a lot. Leave it helps to encourage dogs to stay away from things that aren’t theirs, such as the food on the table.


When it comes to training your family pet, you need to ensure you have the right commands. Here's the top 5 dog training commands your dog needs to learn.


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