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5 Helpful Wedding Tips For Busy Moms

Getting married is exciting, but if you’re already juggling the responsibilities of being a mom, it can make things difficult. It’s important to plan ahead and follow a wedding day checklist so that you have the time and resources to make your dream wedding happen.. Here are some helpful wedding planning tips for busy moms.


Put wedding planning into your schedule

Don’t expect that you’ll be able to get everything for your wedding planned just using the spare time you have during the day. As a mom, you know perfectly well that you can’t expect to have time for something unless you plan ahead. Set aside a certain time each week by placing wedding planning in your calendar. Put it in your calendar and stick to it, and try and be as productive as possible during that time, whether it’s a full day or just an hour.

Try to be completely focused on the wedding during this time, but then don’t worry about it during the rest of the week unless you really do have a spare moment. A short period of time where you’re totally dedicated to planning is going to be much more effective than trying to multitask your way through everything.


Prioritize what’s most important

As a busy mom, you’re not going to have much time to spend on putting your wedding together. So you need to use the time you do have to focus on what’s important. Sit down with your fiance and make a list of the items you need to get done in order of importance. Everyone has their own priorities – some brides want the perfect venue, others dream about their perfect dress, and some care most about food and decor. Getting the most important things checked off first will make the rest of the planning process feel like a breeze.


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Include your kids in the wedding

Your kids are a big part of your life, so of course, you’ll want them to be part of the wedding in some way. Having your kids in your wedding actually makes it easier to keep track of them during the big day. Many people opt to have their children walk down the aisle as part of the ceremony. They might have a special dance with them during the reception. You can also include them in the planning process when appropriate – depending on their personalities. Kids might really enjoy looking at dress shopping online at Azazie for example or a cake tasting with you.


Ask for help when you need it

It’s important to acknowledge when you can’t handle everything on your own. Planning a wedding is a very ambitious project. There are times when you aren’t going to be able to get everything done unless you have help. Ask your fiance, family members, or friends to help you with the kids so you can focus on the wedding. If you work, you can also let your boss know that you are planning a wedding. Ask your coworkers for some help and understanding during difficult times. You can even use platforms like Honeyfund to raise money for your wedding and honeymoon if you need additional financial support.


Accept the things you can’t change

As a bride, it’s tempting to want to be in control of everything – but this is often an unreasonable expectation. Practice letting go of the things you can’t control and instead channel your energy into the things you do have control of. It’s also important to remember that your day is unlikely to go perfectly. Instead, focus on having a wedding that makes you happy and is memorable.


When you make an effort to control your mindset, wedding planning is going to feel much less stressful.


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