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5 Reasons Why To See Disney On Ice This Year

When Christmas is on the rise, we are also looking forward to something else. Disney On Ice is happening all across the country this month, especially in Spokane, Washington. Each year, we go as a family to Disney on Ice, even from my daughter being really little. No matter the age, the show is wonderful for all ages. If you are looking for a fun and exciting family activity, this is it. But is seeing worth your money? It totally is and I have the answers for you!


Fun for the whole family

To begin, Disney On Ice is an event for the whole family. Every year, as a military family, my parents will fly in from New York and come to the event in Spokane with us. We have made it a tradition that we go every year taking my daughter to the show. We started taking her when she was a 1-year-old and she absolutely loved it.


Lots of singing and dancing

Another great reason why you should go see Disney On Ice this year is because every event is full of singing and dancing! Every character has a part in the singing and dancing and many children know what the songs are already. The songs are usually from the Disney movies so it makes it fun for kids, and even adults, to sing along.


This year’s theme is awesome!

If you have never been to Disney On Ice, every year they have different themes. This year Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Search Party! They are coming to Spokane, Washington October 18th-20th. They present a story line to the audience and we follow along with their adventure. Between acrobatic and aerial stunts and ice skating, it takes the show to a whole new level, keeping everyone in the family engaged.Favorites like Coco, Frozen, Moana, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Toy Story and The Little Mermaid will all be there!

Not only will they have amazing characters, but the audience will be able to follow them on an adventure as they follow Micky Mouse and friends with Captain Hook’s treasure map. They will be looking for clues to find Tinker Bell and save her! Kids will love being able to spot the different clues as they are going through the adventure on ice. Disney On Ice will follow through the Marigold Bridge with Miguel from Disney-Pixar’s Coco. Then they will go through the Land of the Dead with skeletons on sway poles dancing over the audience in a beautiful culture celebration of family. It is not a site to be missed!


Like nothing you will ever see

Do you want to wow your kids? This is definitely the opportunity. Not everyone can make it to Disney World very often so this is the next best way to get your kids involved with Disney and watch an amazing show. The shows are entertaining from the beginning to the end with no disappointment. There is an intermission so you will have time to go to the bathroom and buy lots of goodies while not missing any of the show. Once it starts, all kids are totally engaged.


Has all the known Disney movies and changes every year

Finally, if your child loves Disney movies, this is the best way to see all of the favorites every year. They tend to have a lot of the same characters, the favorites, but each year they focus on different specific movies to make the theme of Disney On Ice.




Final thoughts

Come on out to Disney On Ice this year and experience the magic with all of your favorite friends from Disney movies and cartoons. Click here to get your tickets and find out where else they are going on tour to.



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    1. How fun!! We don’t get too many shows in Spokane so it’s important that we go see these each year!

  1. We went years ago and it was so much fun! I would love to go again when my daughter is older. I don’t think she would get much out of it at this age.

  2. I have seen one Disney on Ice show and I loved it. I would so go again when my daughter is older.

  3. I love seeing that Disney on ice shows they are so good I don’t care how old I am I’m always going to love Disney.

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