10 Fun Outdoor Family Activities You Can Enjoy

Outdoor family activities are some of the most enjoyable moments I’ve had with my family. Spending time outdoors gives you the opportunity to enjoy the weather and breathe in fresh air. Family Activities, especially those that benefit both children and adults, also give you the perfect opportunity to discover new things.

Several weeks ago, I was at an indoor entertainment center with my kid. We played a virtual soccer game indoors. While we both had fun, we both agreed that playing soccer outside was more enjoyable. Outdoor activities may also have some health benefits. Teach kids basic first-aid skills and how to call for help in case they fall or are about to fall. Remind them to wear helmets when biking, in-line skatingor skateboarding.

According to the July 2010 edition of the Harvard Health Letter, benefits include an increase of Vitamin D. Benefits may also include increased levels of happiness, improved concentration and the possibility of healing quicker. In this post, I discuss a list of ideas for outdoor family activities.


Flying Kites

Flying kites are fun outdoor family activities to do in the spring and summer. You want to pick a place that has a lot of open space. Try to avoid flying a kite where there are lots of buildings, trees and power lines. If you are a frugal mom, flying kites is a great outdoor family activity. It’s a free activity to do together after you buy the kites.


Scavenger Hunts

Outdoor scavenger hunts are a wonderful way for families to have fun and investigate the outside world together. Scavenger hunts can be done throughout the year. However, I especially like doing fall-themed or Thanksgiving scavenger hunts with the family. The fall season is beautiful with all the leaves changing color.


Outdoor Ice Skating

Going ice skating is the perfect outdoor family activity during the winter season. It’s good exercise and fun to do. Some areas never snow, but nearby cities may have outdoor skating rinks open during winter. In areas that regularly snow in the winter, it’s easier to find places outdoors to ice skate.



Biking is a great way to be with your family outdoors, while soaking in the sunshine and beautiful views. It’s also a wonderful way to balance motherhood with fitness. There are many options for biking locations, including the sidewalk, park, and hiking/biking trails.



Hiking with children is always an adventure for the whole family.  It’s a great time to discover new things, ask questions about what they find, and bond together in a natural environment.  If you have not hiked yet as a family, I recommend picking a hiking trail that is short to give kids the opportunity to soak in the experience.




Doing gardening activities together has many benefits. According to the Reader’s Digest, gardening has a ton of advantages. These advantages include potential weight loss and management, decreasing the risk of heart disease and slowing climate change.

Other benefits include increased hand and strength coordination and strengthening your immune system. My daughter had her first gardening experience at the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose, CA.

She enjoyed looking at the different plants and watering them. As for me, I felt that gardening with my child was a peaceful experience. It helped reduce stress from the usual fast-paced and busy schedule I’m used to.



Outdoor Volunteer Projects

Our family did our first volunteer project about two years ago at our local park. The project consisted of planting trees and cleaning up litter. This gave us the opportunity to spend time together and do something good for our community and the environment.

We found out about this specific volunteer project through my daughter’s school. You can find out about family-friendly volunteer projects from your child’s school, local community organizations, or libraries.



When it’s summer, you can cool off at the local beach or swimming pool. Swimming is fun to do with your family. You can also do other water activities such as Marco Polo and volleyball. It’s also a great way for moms to get fit.


Make Sandcastles

One of my favorite outdoor family activities in the summer is building sandcastles at the local beach. It’s a great way to spend time with the family outdoors and feel more relaxed. My family and I feel the stress of everyday life left behind when we work on sandcastles together. It also gives us the opportunity to use our imagination and be creative.


Local Festivals

I don’t think I’ve been to a local festival that does not have a kid’s area. Our family loves to attend outdoor local festivals. We live in an area where there’s at least a few festivals going on every month.

They have different themes (cultural, seasonal, art, and music). Check out your local community center for scheduled festivals. Facebook is also another place where you can find nearby festivals for your family to attend.


Unless it’s raining, I try to put an effort to do as many outdoor family activities as I can. There’s always something to do outside for the whole family.


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  1. These are some nice outdoor activities, you can also try going to an escape room if you want to work your brain instead of your body. Even though it is inside, you still need to go outside to the place to actually take part in it. Some of them even have an outdoor atmosphere to them like Mountain Time Escape Rooms have an escape room with outdoor flooring. They also have some puzzles that the kids can solve too.

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