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3 Ways to Balance Motherhood with Fitness

Motherhood is the most beautiful, incredible and indescribable bond. A maternal connection can have you overwhelmed with love, joy, responsibility and selflessness. A vital part of motherhood is care for yourself as well as for your child.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to forget all about yourself after your bundle of joy is introduced to the world. If you were a fitness lover before motherhood, or want to get into it but feel you don’t have the time we’ve got you covered. In this post we explore 3 ways that help you balance motherhood with fitness.


1) Get your workouts in

Guilt is a common emotion for many parents trying to balance fitness with caring for a child. This is especially true for parents with younger children.

Letting go of the guilt will be easier for mothers of older children. With mothers of newborns likely to have this feeling. This is completely understandable. Who in their right mind would trade their child’s first word for an extra set of crunches at the gym?

Well the great news is, you don’t need to make this trade at all. Instead, try bringing the gym to your home. Not literally of course. Regardless of your budget there’s ways you can get great workouts at home.

Bringing the gym home

You can get great workouts in with just a yoga matt and a pair of dumbbells. You could even get yourself a treadmill or exercise bike if space and budget allow for it. This may seem like a steep investment but before buying you can rationalise your decision.

Try to gauge how long you’ll experience this guilt for. This can be difficult so we’ve given you an example. If you’re petrified of missing your babies first steps then this gives you a rough timeline. Babies can take their first steps between being 9 and 12 months old. You could easily find a treadmill or an exercise bike for a few hundred dollars.

Your investment would cost you the same amount as your yearly gym membership, and you could workout with one eye on your baby. This gives you peace of mind and should alleviate your fear of missing out. You also can make some of the money back once you feel comfortable joining the gym again. Selling your second hand treadmill or exercise bike will help you get some return on investment.


2) Eat efficiently

Another difficulty you’ll face during motherhood is getting your diet right. Lots of people associate “eating clean” with being very time consuming. This is true some of the time, but in this section we’ll go through a few efficiencies to help with this.


Prepping in advance

If you know that you’re going to be eating the same meal a couple of times during the week prep in advance. It’s so much more efficient to make 3 chicken breasts at once than to cook 3 separately.

This doesn’t just save time spent cooking. You can also save financially as your utilities get used less frequently. Those extra few cents you save can be a few extra towards your child’s college fund.


Being resourceful

If money’s tight this can be a real deterrent when it comes to getting into fitness. Eating well isn’t only associated with being time consuming but also with being expensive. If you’re worried that you can’t manage to eat healthily on your current budget fear not.

It’s likely you already have a bunch of items on your grocery list that can be incorporated into a healthy diet. These don’t need to be expensive items either. Everyday foods such as eggs, fruit and chicken are great sources for natural nutrients and proteins.

You don’t need to go out and rack up a huge grocery bill to eat a clean and healthy diet.


Save time with supplements

Supplements can be an absolute lifesaver when it comes to saving time. Supplements are great for those super busy days. Whether you’ve got a diary full of meetings or you need to take the kids to football practice. Supplements are a practical way to get your body those much needed nutrients without the effort of cooking. There are hundreds of providers out there however you should do research into those endorsed by trusted medical experts to ensure they have a good nutritional basis, reading Gundry MD reviews for example can be beneficial, this provides evidence of medical backing but also that products are used by regular consumers who have benefitted from their use. Looking further into a specific provider can save you time if there are multiple supplements you are interested in.


It’s important to understand why you are taking a supplement to start with and what end result you’re looking to get from using each one. This way, you can be sure you’re not complicating your daily schedule by taking supplements for things you can’t keep track of. For some great information on supplements check out a supplement information page.

You should take a cautious approach when it comes to supplements. They can be great but understand what you need for your specific goals. Don’t get roped into buying unnecessary supplements that you don’t need. For some great information on supplements check out a supplement information page.

3) Maintain independence

This next point is something that many new mothers struggle with. It’s really important you maintain a sense of independence. You need to try and detach yourself from that feeling of guilt and remember, you can be a great mom and live your own life.

If you have a partner, you need to be confident leaving your child with them while you go to the store. Want to go to that night class? Your kids would probably love a playdate with a friend.

Remember, a key part of looking after your child involves looking after yourself. Maintaining some independence is key to being there for your child at your happiest in the best of health.


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