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30 Exciting Summer Activities To Do With Kids

Summer time for parents is a stressful time. Not just because the kids are home all day, everyday, but because of lack of things to do. Finding something new everyday to take your kids to is hard! Trying to keep kids interested and off of technology is even harder! Having kids home during the summer means time to research for activities.


This articles provides you with a list of exciting summer activities to do with kids and gives some insight on how to pay for these extracurricular activities:


Visit Amusements Parks

Depending on where you live, there might be an amusement park within 2-4 hours from your home. Visiting an amusement park is a great whole day activity for families. It is quite a day and it takes the energy out of everyone from being in the sun all day, but worth it. Make sure to bring lots of sunscreen and snacks.


Camping is an amazing summer activity for families to do together. Finding a great camping location and living the outdoors life is such an experience for kids. Whether it be sleeping in a tent in the woods or an RV, both provide a different experience. Bring a tent for kids to get the full experience of sleeping under the stars.


Vacation is always an important factor of summer. Parents are still working during the summer but with the kids off, it is nice to schedule a vacation with everyone together. Whether it be a week-long or just a weekend, spending family time together is important.

Water Parks

Visiting a water park is a fun daytime activity for moms to do with their kids. It can be a family event or even a fun day with cousins, siblings or friends. If there isn’t a water park nearby, a splash pad is just as fun and usually free!

Nature Walks

Have an agenda when doing a nature walk. Kids need to find 5 green leaves, 3 red flowers, 2 brown rocks, etc. This way they have an activity to do and can enjoy being outside together. Take the walk a step further and turn it into a game. Have the kids collect and keep the items from your list following a time limit. Once the time is up, let them present what they have found. You can even level up this activity if you have a kids microscope at home as it would be awesome to spend time together discovering what their collected items are made of.


Pinterest is great invention for parents who are looking for things to do over the summer. There are tons of crafts that are easy to do with little supplies needed. Crafting is a fun activity to do with just one child or the whole family. It can be child-led or parent-led. When searching Pinterest, search “DIY summer crafts“.

Visit the river or beach

Taking a day trip or weekend trip to the ocean, river or lake provides great quality time with your kiddos. It also gets them to experience swimming, being in nature, and enjoy time on the water. Whether you are renting a boat or just using floats, it is a recipe for a great day.


Being able to get out into nature and hike around in the woods is a really fun activity for kids in the summer. If you’re not a hiker yourself, there are hikes that don’t involve climbing up a mountain.

Baseball games

There might not be a major baseball team where you live, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a minor league game or even a friend’s child’s game. Finding a fun baseball game to take your kids to is a great experience.

Make ice cream

Making ice cream is the first step to teaching your children how to cook! This also teaches following directions and learning patience. Waiting while the ice cream settles and comes with the award of getting to eat it!

Sign up for cheerleading

Cheerleading is a great exercise for your kiddos to participate in. Cheerleading is a fun activity for kiddos to do during the summer. They might even learn to love it!

Have a picnic

Picnics are a great activity for families to do during the summer. It’s not an everyday event that families get to eat outside, especially on the grass.

Visit the library

Local libraries have tons of events going on this summer for children. Whether it be events during the day or night or weekdays and weekends, there is tons going on. Check out their websites, it is worth it! Most of the events tend to be free. Getting books for your children to read is a great summer challenge in itself.

Find live music

Are there any festivals going on in your town? There might be and it’s worth it to find them. Live music can be fun for the whole family, especially if it is outside!

Sign up for t-ball

T-ball is a great sport for kids to play when they are still little. It helps set them up for success when working on a team and playing together. It also helps kids to start practicing for baseball.

Visit the Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market is a nice time to take children out for some exercise. Between purchasing some local honey or ice tea, there might be some pretty flowers or exciting animals to see there too.

Ride bikes

Riding bikes is an excellent exercise for the whole family. It can be a whole morning trip along with a packed breakfast or lunch. Make sure to have plenty of sunscreen ready for everyone in the family!

Sign up for swimming lessons

Swimming lessons are so important for young kids to learn how to swim. Many times we go to the beach or pools and kids don’t know how to swim. We can always keep our eyes on them, but it’s that one moment you turn away that swimming lessons could be extremely valuable to children.

Build a fort or set up a tent in the backyard

Not a camping family? Set up a tent in the backyard and let kids feel like they are camping! If the weather is too hot or rainy, set up a fort in the playroom for a fun indoor activity with kids!

Paint rocks

Painting rocks is an easy craft to get children to do.  It does go by pretty quickly so it could be fun to paint a lot of rocks and put them in a little garden. Check out this great idea for painting rocks!

Water bag pinatas

Have you heard of water bag pinatas? This is an exciting summer activity for the whole family and friends. All you need is a garbage bag, water and a long ruler or a bat, and some rope. Hanging this from a tree in the backyard and let the kids have some fun and get wet at the same time!

Plant flowers

Planting flowers during the summer is a fun activity for enhancing the learning of science. Make sure to get flowers that will last through the fall when planting them. Encourage our children to take ownership of watering them everyday.

Roast marshmallows and make s’mores

What would the summer nights be without roasting marshmallows and making s’mores? Have a little campfire in the backyard and make s’mores. If you aren’t able to make a fire, do not fret! You can make s’mores in the microwave or use this s’mores making kit!

Sign up for soccer

Soccer is a great activity for kids to be involved in, especially during the summer. Because of the heat, it would be good to sign up for later at night or early morning on Saturdays.

Have a campfire

Along with making s’mores, having a campfire is a staple for summer. Whether it be at your house or camping, it’s great to include. Making s’mores with your campfire is a bonus for everyone!

Fly a kite

When’s the last time that you flew a kite? Did you know you can purchase kites on Amazon? Kites are a fun toy that many kids these days have no idea what they are. It would be a great way to introduce your children to something that you might have played with when you were younger.


Go to the movies

Unfortunately during the summer, it will rain at least once. Going to the movies is a great way to combat this weather when indeed it does rain. Make sure to check what is playing and get everyone’s opinion before picking the movie to go see. Parents if you are looking for some great movies to watch without kids and on your couch, check out our romantic movie list.

Sign up for gymnastics

Gymnastics is a exciting way to get all of the energy out. Between flips and swinging, following directions and jumping, your kiddo is tired after.

Make a music video

There are so many different apps for cell phones and iPads now that teaching your children how to create and edit videos is a learning experience. If they are too young to create their own videos, you can use filters and do them together.

Rent Hoverboards

Hoverboards, aka self-balancing scooters, are dangerous toys but can be exciting if used properly. After researching through the different types and seeing some weren’t compliant with important safety standards, here are the 10 best. Don’t forget to check out the best Hoverboard for kids Reviews. This is why it’s essential that we always remember to stay safe and do things that will help make our outdoor play safe for kids. This is also why I shared this infographic. If you’re thinking of getting a hoverboard for your kids, make sure to follow safety standards and consult with www.cpsc.gov to check for recalls.




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