5 Reasons Why You Want to Visit Mogadishu

Did You Ever Think About Why We Travel?

The urge to discover and explore the hidden roots of the earth, new lands or new exotic taste is what drives the need to unveil everything. Turns out the man is good at discovering new places, either lost in the past or yet unexplored.

There are lots of reasons why a person chooses to travel, right? For some, it’s a pending holiday, a planned vacation at the end of the year with your partner or just a chill pill to enjoy and relax. Each continent has something unique to offer.

We know this country is not much traveled. The unstable conditions make it less a less traveled place, but here's why you should visit Mogadishu.

Africa is one of the most diversified continents after Asia I would say. Why? Because of its tribal influence, the influx of landscape and climate and not to forget the equally amazing flora and fauna cater to the eye of the explorer. Certain places in Africa may not be your first choice for vacation but it may turn out into a trip worth the penny.


Unhindered Land of Somalia

Yes, we know, this country is not much traveled. The political bigotry and unstable conditions make it an undesirable place to visit, but everything in the media is not covering everything else. Such as the picturesque capital city of Mogadishu can be your next family destination to visit in 2020! Certainly, it’s a different set of location for a family visit; perhaps you can enjoy a good adventure, enjoy good selfie moments and add it to your bucket list because;


1. Despite the claim, it’s a prosperous city!

Yes, the capital city, Mogadishu may turn the tables once you tend to visit the place. You avail cheap flights to Mogadishu without any trouble all year round! That’s a bonus, meaning you can take your family or plan an adventure-packed holiday with your friends without needing a bunch of cash.

prosperous city

The culture is rich in history and landmarks; full of hotels, religious places such as historical mosques and more can be visited. The history of the city is quite intriguing for a first-time visit. 


2. Economic renaissance

Unlike the roman version, Somalian land is questionable and so are its whereabouts. But Mogadishu comes with a new thriving state of business and tourism. As most countries earn potential revenue from the tourism industry, the government here is bringing in new efforts to accommodate safe traveling.

There are a lot of historical places to visit and enjoy. Once you arrive here, it might seem a bit of frenzy at the airport, but in reality, every airport seems that way. Just be careful with luggage, because you don’t want anyone to con you.


3. Seaside paradise

One of the perks is that this city is known as “White Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. The white foaming waves reaching the shores of the beach is probably the reason behind the title. But it’s unlike any other beaches you may have come across in your traveling experience.

Seaside paradise

The beach is surrounded by the vast blue waters of the Indian Ocean making it an attraction point for locals and tourists alike.

The Liido Beach and Jazeera beach, are a great place to relax for the day and if you are not afraid to go into deep waters you can enjoy water surfing on the waves.

4. Peace Garden

Like any other city, around the world, you can enjoy an early morning stroll to spend a good amount of time in the Peach Garden at the weekend. A favorite hub of many, it’s beautiful and fused with various specimens of flora. The trees covering acting as shades while on the other hand, the fountain sparkling crystal clear water at evening time illuminated with lights make it a perfect spot or a romantic proposal too!

Peace Garden

It’s peaceful and quiet (sometimes it can be crowded on weekends) but a must-visit when touring the city. 


5. Bakaara Market

If you have been to Africa before, to the Moroccan wonderland, you must be familiar with the term souks. Souks are the open market places, vendors selling stuff for more than the original cost and you can find everything under the open market; spices, pottery, meat, clothes, souvenirs, etc. the market is the perfect focal point for any tourist to interact with the locals. 

Well, just so you are warned, the marketplace may not come as cheap as a cheap flight to Mogadishu but you can find interesting things to buy and be prepared to haggle.

A place that sounds ideal from afar may be worth trying for once. Don’t you think so? Why not travel to the unexplored land of Mogadishu and find your reasons to visit. Share your adventure details with other travelers!




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