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5 Things to do at Home for Kids Entertainment

Winter is a hard time to figure out ideas for kids entertainment. It’s cold and it’s snowing – both of those limit the amount of things that you can do with children, especially outside. Parent’s need ideas of what to do with their children during this time! It is a great thing to have options when trying to find things to fill into a long day. Looking for some entertainment during those snow days or long winter days?


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Parents, if you don’t have a plan, this is what is going to happen to your house! Here are the top 5 things to do at home with kids for entertainment:

1. Typing Games– Being a teacher I see so many kids coming into school that have no clue how to type. They are able to navigate an iPad but they can only use one finger on a hand when typing on a keyboard. Practicing typing at home would be extremely beneficial to your children and a fun, educational game as well. Not only does this site provide with many different leveled games for kids of all ages, but it gives other fun resources for typing games on their site as well. Not only is this entertainment but this is educational as well! Having kids jump on the computer for an hour a day to work on their typing skills but having fun with it, is helping to curb boredom and they are learning!

2. Build a Fort – Building a fort can be hours worth of entertainment! Creating a fun location where kids can go and read with a flashlight, watch a movie on an iPad, hang out with their friends or siblings, is always a great time! If the fort is made in the right location of the house, it could potentially stay up for a few days, providing long-lasting fun.

3. Crafting – Crafting, drawing, painting, coloring – these are all ways that children can bond with one another and use their creative side as well. Find a location in your house that would be great for being artistic and then have a location on the wall where they can hang up their work whenever they make something.

4. Visit the Library for books and movies – Even outside of winter you should be utilizing your local library. They have so many resources for parents and kids! Movies, computers, DVDs, games, books, magazine, events and more! Check out their calendar for local events too. Taking kids to the library allows them to pick out whatever books they want and then get excited for reading.

5. Make a treasure hunt – This is such a fun idea and can be a game for the whole family. The parents and children can each create their own and then hide the prize to see which group finds them first! This could be a really fun weekend event for your household.


Hopefully these ideas will help conquer the long, winter days of boredom and provide some fun entertainment for your kids.

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