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Are House Calls For You? What You Need to Know

Many people are switching to house calls for their healthcare needs. Are the benefits really worth the costs? Join us as we explore the benefits and drawbacks of mobile concierge services.


Many people are switching to house calls for their healthcare needs. Are the benefits really worth the costs? Join us as we explore the benefits and drawbacks of mobile concierge services.

How are concierge house call doctors different?

Concierge house call doctors do not accept insurance, instead typically offering two payment options – paying upfront per service, or monthly membership fees that include access to a number of services.

Admittedly, this cost can be prohibitive, which makes many people wary of them. But proponents believe that concierge primary care often leads to better health outcomes over time, thus reducing expenses as well as improving your health.


Traditional healthcare held back by administrative burdens of insurance

Healthcare practices that decide to accept insurance often find themselves feeling battered by dealing with insurance companies. Filing and re-filing claims, refuting attempts to pressure patients into cheaper treatments, and forcing doctors to have patients come in person in order to get reimbursed is time consuming, often requiring doctors to hire strong administrative support to get it all done timely.

These increased costs require doctors to fit in more patients, which just adds to the insurance claims.

The consequences of this go beyond paperwork and inconvenience. Requiring people to come into the doctor’s office to get treatment means waiting rooms are full of healthy people, people at high risk of severe illness, and people who need treatment for infectious illnesses like Covid-19 and its variants, the flu, or stomach viruses. The pandemic has highlighted the dangers, and it remains to be seen if this issue will be fully addressed in traditional healthcare models moving forward.


Wide variety of services available at home

Many people don’t realize just how many healthcare services can be offered in the comfort of your home. Typical services available at a concierge mobile practice include:

  • Primary care services: House call doctors can function as your Primary Care Physician (PCP), offering services like:
    • Conducting annual exams
    • Administering annual shots and vaccines
    • Manage prescriptions
    • Make specialist referrals
  • Urgent care services: Some in-homhouse calls from doctorse providers offer same-day appointments, treating conditions such as:
  • Diagnostic tests can be done in the comfort of your home, including:
    • X-rays
    • Echocardiograms
    • EKGs
    • Ultrasound
  • Lab tests: Samples can be collected to detect conditions such as:
  • Cosmetic treatments including:
    • Hair restoration
    • Botox
    • Chemical peels and facials
    • Microneedling
  • IV Therapy formulas offer a variety of benefits in sessions lasting 30-60 minutes, offering benefits like:

Many can benefit from the convenience of in-home healthcare

There are a number of reasons why someone may use a house call doctor. Busy professionals will value the flexibility to meet with a doctor at the office or gym, enabling them to meet their healthcare needs without missing critical deadlines. Families with people at high risk of severe illness or children not yet eligible for vaccination will value the ability to get the whole family treated at once without putting anyone in danger of catching Covid-19 or other harmful illnesses.

Another feature of many concierge practices is the dedicated care coordinator. This person helps you stay organized in your treatment by keeping track of appointments, prescriptions, treatment plans, and specialist referrals. People with chronic or multiple health conditions can benefit from this streamlined process that few practices burdened with insurance claims can provide. This can also help people advanced in age who have mobility issues maintain autonomy rather than feel like constant burdens to loved ones and caregivers.


Mobile Concierge Healthcare: A Worthwhile Investment

There is no denying that in-home healthcare can help you take strides towards your health goals, regardless of your lifestyle or needs. Traditional medicine has much to address before they can match the patient focused concierge model that works with patients towards health goals rather than just keeping them functional. Consider booking a house call doctor in Los Angeles for your next medical appointment.


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