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How To Avoid Being Demotivated When Exercising Alone

Whilst some people enjoy exercising alone, others can find it hard to muster up the self-motivation. If you’ve been failing to use up your gym membership or keep saying no to your morning run, find a exercise buddy. It could be worth finding someone else to exercise with who can keep you company and spur you on. Here are several ways to motivate yourself if you can’t exercise alone.


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Get an exercise buddy

 Got a friend who also wants to get fit? Making them your exercise buddy could help to motivate you to stay active. For those days when you’d much rather stay curled up on the sofa, an exercise buddy can be useful for negotiating you to leave the house and keep up your routine. At the same time, you can motivate them when they’re having a lazy day. Ideally you want somebody of the same ability – you don’t want somebody who makes you feel inadequate, nor do you want them to hold you back.


Hire a personal trainer

A personal trainer can help to put you through your paces whilst offer exercises specific to your needs. You should always look for a qualified and experienced personal trainer with a good reputation – many have websites or social media pages for getting an idea of their credibility. Sites such as Elite Training Tulsa even offer a free taster session so that you can tell whether a personal trainer is right for you. Many personal trainers have specialisms such as weight loss, bulking, marathon running or strength training.


Join an exercise class

Joining an exercise class could give you lots of people to socialise with whilst training. This could be anything from a spin class to a yoga class. Exercise classes are often cheaper than personal training, although the exercise is less likely to be specialised to your individual needs. There are huge companies to try out such as CrossFit and there are independent fitness classes – you can find out about classes by joining gyms and by looking online.



Get motivated by apps

Fitness apps might not be real people, but many people find that they can be just as motivating. By providing data of each workout, you can visualise your progress and compete against yourself. There are even apps out there such as Matchup that allow you to compete against other real people by comparing your data to theirs. Read reviews online to find the best apps for you.

Record your progress on social media

You can also connect with people on social media and use this as motivation for exercise. By posting your workout on Facebook and Twitter and joining social media fitness groups, you can gain encouragement and inspiration to help you train. You can even try starting a fitness blog or vlog for tracking your workout – some people find that having the pressure of readers can provide extra motivation to keep up one’s fitness regime.


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  1. Yesss I get so unmotivated when working out alone, which is the majority of the time! I needed a good app suggestion!

  2. I actually enjoy working out alone but I do need a little accountability. So I have a remote personal trainer 🙂 Its working so well!

    1. i definitely like working out alone – although i like workout classes too… but i can’t rely on my friends to go with me — or i would never go!

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