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Have you ever done a barre fitness class?

I have been hearing about this for a while now but I was never really into dance or ballet and I was honestly not even sure what it was, and there was no one I knew that could tell me the breakdown in non-internet language.

Running out of options but just to try a class, that is what I did. It was random and I was not even planning to until I saw they were having a 1 week free to new members offer. There is no better offer to start a new fitness program than offering one week free. I mean obviously one month free would be wayyyyy better but let’s be realistic here. 

The studio was super cute, little and nice with a whole wall of mirrors and bars on one side and bars on the other. I must say that I am a fitness studio design snob due to watching way to many HGtV shows but this was very nicely done.

There are a few Barre studios in Spokane, this just happened to be one of the farther ones from my house and a time that I can never meet class wise in the fall, but they offered a good deal and I have time now, why not?


It was a power class at 1pm, designed to do intense workout quickly. I would not say it was intense, however I still liked it. It was many exercises I had done already but a lot on your tippy toes and leaning on the barre. It was a nice workout, not like doing 50 burpees and 40 squats and squat jacks,  jumping lunges, all that stuff that I do in my boot camp class. It was hard, because it was like sumo squats with a resistance band on the bar, on your tippy toes and focusing on specific muscles in your legs.

I have a week free, unforunately I really picked this at a bad time because of this holiday weekend I can’t get there until Tuesday, but it is another option in my fitness journey until I find what is right for me.

I must admit that I am on a quest to find what type of workout I will continue into the school year, when I can only make 4:30 classes, which totally limits what I can choose. However, there is another barre studio that has 4:30 classes, there is a yoga studio that has 4:30 and then my boot camp class is 4:30. In a seriously ideal world, I could some days to the barre class, some days the boot camp, and then the yoga class I could be a drop in once a week. Will this happen? I mean if I can work out the money where I can afford this… then heck ya!

However, the funny thing about yoga and barre classes, is that it just costs so much a month!

Did I get into the wrong career path and should I have opened a barre studio!?

…..Thoughts for the future……

Ps.. They had these super cool socks that they wore and not just normal socks, but like fancy, cute grip socks, so me showing up with sneakers I must have looked like a tourist. I think I would take this class just to wear these super sexy socks!!



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