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6 Facts That’ll Change Your Mind About Blood Donation

Did you know that every 2 seconds someone in the United States needs a transfusion of donated blood? Over the summer months, this does not change. Unfortunately, every summer, blood donation drops about 20%, making the need for all types of blood even more vital.

Some of the things holding people back from donating blood are not knowing a location, being afraid of needles, don’t understand the need, etc.

There are even more people out there who just don’t want to. We get it, but with more and more natural disasters, school shootings, mass violence, etc. there is an extreme need for more and more to donate their blood. Although major disasters don’t usually require a lot of blood, hospitals rely on the blood already on their shelves to save the lives of their patients. When unexpected disasters happen, hospitals go through more blood than normal and it is crucial that they’re always replenishing their supply.

One in 7 people entering a hospital need a blood transfusion. We are here to help change your mind about blood donation. Here are some facts that might help:


Donating one pint of blood can save three lives.

Doesn’t seem like a lot, right? But you’re wrong. One pint of blood is a lot! One whole blood donation can help up to three patients! And since you can donate blood every 56 days, six times a year, think of all the people you are able to save. Each pint of blood is divided into 3 components. Each component can be used to save car accident victims, burn victims, organ transplant patients and trauma victims.

Blood donation takes under one hour.

It only takes about 10 minutes for the donation process and then 15 minutes of refreshments and recovery to get you back on your way to your normal routine.

Blood donation costs you nothing.

The amazing thing is that it literally costs you nothing to donate. All you need is an ID with your name and photo or date of birth  and to fill out a few papers and you are on your way tofor  being a hero.

You get to eat a snack and juice after donating.

Right after you are finished donating, it is mandatory that you eat a snack and drink juice to boost your energy back up. You can even get a high five for being a hero and saving some lives!

Replenish your own blood.

Every time you donate blood, your body begins to replenish itself after losing about a pint and it allows for new red blood cells to be produced. Red cells carry oxygen throughout your body.


Get a mini health check.

Each time you give blood, you’ll get your vitals checked (blood pressure, pulse and pulse rate). They will also check hemoglobin level, which helps tell if you have enough iron in your blood to safely donate.


How Can You Help?

What’s missing? We don’t have enough As, Bs, ABs and Os. Blood donation drops about 20% during the summer, which is why patients need your blood type. Take a step to donate at MissingTypeUS.org Make sure to go out and donate blood this summer to be the type of hero that we need more of.


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