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5 Dating Difficulties To Overcome By Using a Matchmaking Service

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle and demanding work environments leave many professionals in Singapore very little time and energy to maintain their social circles, meet new people, and find a partner for life. The last of these has been especially challenging. Even with the advent and immense popularity of dating difficulties apps and websites, it can still be a challenge to find someone from a sea of faces on one’s mobile phone or the internet.

In an effort to add efficiency to the dating process, many people are turning to agencies that offer matchmaking in Singapore. Sometimes called slow dating, matchmaking helps you overcome the difficulties of modern-day dating. In this short guide, we’ll discuss some of these challenges. Sometimes called slow dating, matchmaking helps you overcome the difficulties of modern-day dating. In this short guide, we’ll discuss some of these challenges. 


Your Dating Life Becomes Everyone’s Business


Many of the people on the lookout for love and companionship try to put themselves out there by joining dating apps. Dating app users must be their own best advocate and make an attractive profile that their ideal partners will likely notice. Unfortunately, putting your face and profile out there means that anyone can see that you’re in the dating market, and this development can spread to your social circle. While you might want to achieve as many matches as possible, you might also want to avoid any meddling from well-meaning friends and family members.

Matchmakers don’t exactly put you on blast, at least not to the general public. Their process is more discreet. These service providers match their clients privately and only present profiles to possible matches if it will benefit both parties.

Matching and Dating Takes Up a Chunk of Your Time and Money


Dating can be financially draining. Some people treat it as a numbers game and date as many people as possible in the hopes of finding the right person quickly. Going out for lunch, dinner, or coffee dates multiple times a week can eat up a lot of your funds and time. Even then, there’s little assurance that you and your date will find a match in each other.

The services of matchmakers in Singapore come at a price, but this is considerably lower than the cumulative cost of dating people who might not even be your type. Your matchmaker will only introduce you and set you up on a date with people who meet your wants and needs in a partner—and if you check all the boxes for them as well. With a matchmaker on your case, you won’t have to go out or spend as much to meet people with the potential to be your partner.

There Are Limited Means of Reaching People Who Prioritize Privacy

One of the downsides of relying on the internet as a dating tool is that it limits your possible matches to only those who use dating apps to find a partner. This can exclude the people who are not active on dating apps due to lack of time or because they prioritize their privacy. Such an issue can be addressed by matchmaking services providers, as their clients can range anywhere from tech-savvy professionals to people who love the idea of going off the grid. If you have a passion for nature conservation or love to travel internationally, for example, you can connect with like-minded individuals using a matchmaking service.

There’s Immense Pressure to Make the First Move 

It can be a bit awkward to make the first move when scoping the dating scene using apps. Of course, you want to make sure you’re on the same page before you tell a potential partner that you’re willing to commit to a relationship, and your date might be thinking the same. However, you might also feel that coming clean will alienate each other, especially if you have different views, so you might just avoid the topic altogether.

A matchmaking service addresses such issues immediately by pairing you with someone who has the same vision for the future. If you want to start a family or gain companionship that will last a lifetime, then these considerations will be accounted for when finding your ideal match. As such, when you finally meet your matchmaker’s recommendation, you can be open about exactly how you want to proceed.

You Don’t Know If You’re Doing Well or If Your Standards Are Realistic

Even after thoroughly thinking about your dating profile or going on dates with a lot of the people you matched with on dating apps, there’s no assurance that you’ll find yourself paired soon. To improve your chances, you need to find out what’s wrong and address why no one is matching with you or your matches decline a second date. This can be difficult, especially if none of your friends or peers is privy to your dating life.

A matchmaker, however, can offer you helpful and realistic advice on how to find the spark in your dates. These professionals can also help you set your expectations about your current prospects and future relationships as well. If your standards are too high that they’re unattainable or they’re too low that they’re too vague, your matchmaker can ask the right questions to help you refine your wants and needs and distinguish one from the other.

Matchmaking agencies in Singapore offer a unique and efficient service in a fast-paced world where even dating is a numbers game. If the dating scene is starting to look like a rat race to you, consider using matchmaking services to make the activity more enjoyable and more fruitful for you and your potential match.

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