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3 Easy Tips To Keep Your Brain Sharp

In today’s world, we are all having more and more conversations about mental health. Of course, this is such a positive thing. Our society seems to have left the conversation of mental health until far too late, with many describing the increasingly poor mental health of our citizens as a pandemic all of its own. However, one part of mental health we don’t necessarily keep in mind is our ability to concentrate and problem-solve, i.e our mental agility. Many people believe that our ability to access any and all information within seconds by using our smartphones, is dulling our ability to retain information and making us lose concentration.


As we get older, our ability to sharply remember information naturally slows down. Many older people have finessed certain tricks of the trade which help them keep their brains sharp and to delay becoming senile. Let’s take a look at the simplest ways to keep your brain agile and quick.

As we get older, our ability to sharply remember information naturally slows down. Take a look at easy ways to keep your brain sharp.

1.   Puzzles

Although practically every single bit of entertainment we have access to nowadays is on a screen, kick it old-fashioned with a puzzle. Puzzles such as sudoku, crosswords, word-searches or jigsaws are incredibly good for your brain to keep it agile. Why?


Puzzles are scientifically proven to produce dopamine in your brain, a chemical which relates to good mood and energy levels. Plus, puzzles encourage your brain to use logic, problem-solving and extended concentration which exercises its capabilities. Find an amazing range of puzzles at Pennydellpuzzles.com.

doing puzzles to keep your brain sharp

2.   Coloring

Coloring is often an activity which people reserve for children. For such a seemingly simple activity, it might be surprising to you that coloring is actually extremely good for keeping your brain in tip top condition – at any age. Your brain is a complex mix of logic and emotion, and often, the simplest, most methodical activities can do wonders for such a complicated organ.


So how does coloring help your brain? Well, it all has to do with the amygdala, which is the part of the brain that allows you to feel fear. When you have an overactive amygdala it means that you might have an increased level of anxiety; many people around the world experience this, and it can be highly debilitating. Coloring helps your amygdala become regulated. It also can calm you by sitting peacefully and engage in a calm, non-stimulating activity for a few moments. Your brain responds positively to certain colors, too; blue and green are both thought of as calming colors.

coloring to keep your brain sharp

3.   Reading

It’s very easy to get caught up in day to day life and forget to engage in more peaceful, intellectually stimulating exercise. By reading either fiction or nonfiction, like novels, poetry, newspapers or social commentary. Reading is a simple activity which helps expand your  knowledge and understanding of complex ideas. Plus, in a world where we do more than one thing at once, 24/7, reading helps our brains concentrate on only one thing at a time.

reading to keep your brain sharp


You can indulge in cost effective, simple activities which stimulate your brain. It can help you be calm, while increasing your concentration span, helping your brain stay sharp.



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