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4 Helpful Ways to Deal With Holiday Anxiety and Stress

During the holidays, many times we often become sad or down on ourselves. With all of the traveling, purchasing and shopping, it can lead to a lot of anxiety and stress. When holidays are supposed to be cheerful and full of love, it can be the complete opposite for many.  There is a survey by Booking.com that indicates just over one in three people (36%) worry about things going wrong on the first day of their holiday. For anyone who suffers from anxiety already, the holiday season makes it worse. Traveling far away from home, especially by flying, can great anxious feelings.  This article will give you 4 key ways to deal with holiday anxiety and stress this year.

During the holidays, many times we often become sad. This article will give 4 key ways to deal with holiday anxiety and stress this year.


Find a counselor 

Knowing yourself is the key to success. If there has been a traumatic event that has happened throughout the year, the holiday season might be the time when it is going to come out and shine it’s true colors. Holiday anxiety and stress can cause old feelings to arise in a not so pleasant form. Finding a counselor to speak with during this time can be really helpful when trying to address feelings that you have suppressed. Did you know that there are online sites where you can talk to a counselor without even having to leave your house? This can also be very useful during the holiday season. Take advantage of this so it doesn’t end up ruining the entire holidays.

Have your plans set

Are you traveling for the holidays? Visiting family in a different state? Having your plans set early in advance can help offset holiday anxiety. Along with having your plans set, knowing that plans can get ruined and changed can ruin your mindset. Working through with your family members and friends to make plans official can help reduce any anxiety you are feeling about the holidays. If going to a certain family members house is what causes the anxiety, trying to avoid it or arrange to spend the least amount of time in this location. Making a mental list of events that will happen during your time there can help ease your mind.


List coping strategies

During the holidays, there are tons of times when you might need to use your coping strategies. It is important to have them readily available so you can access them easily if needed. Knowing that you are going to disagree with friends and family during the holidays, getting up and walking to the bathroom can help disengage. Having a friend to call or text when things get heated at a family gathering can help you pass the time without getting stressed out or feeling upset. Were you aware that practising yoga and meditation can help manage stress and anxiety? There are tons of free online meditation and yoga videos that are accessible to you even from your phone!


Know your triggers

Knowing your triggers can be very helpful during the holiday season. Along with knowing your triggers, this can also relate to your children. Children have holiday anxiety and stress too, especially if they are not around their parents or a loved one. Instead of holding it against your family for always sticking you with watching the kids, enjoy the time that you are spending with them. Talking it out with family members prior to the holidays can help eliminate the feeling of sadness during the holiday season.


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