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5 Easy Ways To Combat Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss is a common occurrence among new moms who have just delivered a child. This hair loss can start immediately after giving birth or can come into play a few days or weeks down the road.

This hair loss is often difficult for new moms, especially when trying to get the hang of being a mother. There are many other stressful changes happening, so having to worry about hair loss can be devastating to add to the list of others.

In this article we are going to discuss what postpartum hair loss is and different ways you can try to stop your hair loss.

What is Postpartum Hair Loss?

During pregnancy, every woman experiences tremendously high levels of estrogen. Due to this, most women experience continuous hair growth throughout their pregnancy and will surely notice their hair is healthier than ever before. Maybe thicker and shinier as well.

Once you are through with the delivery, your hormones then begin to level out in the following six months. Your hair remains in the resting stage for approximately the first three months and then begins to fall out. Soon after, you will notice the re-growth taking place, which is generally in the shape of baby bangs along your hairline.

postpartum hair loss
moms notice hair loss around three months postpartum and the hormonal changes that accompany birth

Tips to Combat Postpartum Hair Loss

You can effectively manage your postpartum hair loss in several ways. However, one thing you must take note of is that postpartum hair loss is a normal occurrence due to your changing hormones. Therefore, you cannot expect it to stop immediately.

The following tips are going to help you minimize the impact of your postpartum hair loss and will be helpful in gradually promoting healthy re-growth of your hair.


1. Supplements

It is natural for new moms to feel overly worried about their postpartum hair loss. If you are an anxious mommy too, perhaps you should consult your doctor regarding mineral supplements or vitamin intake. These are helpful agents of hair re-growth and stopping or minimizing hair fall.

The American Pregnancy Association approves of the following for postpartum hair loss

  • Vitamin E
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Biotin (B7) or Vitamin B complex
postpartum hair loss
postpartum hair loss

2. Laser Caps

Laser caps for hair loss are one of the most advanced and effective treatments for hair re-growth. You may consider this as a convenient remedy to tackle your postpartum hair loss issues. Laser hair caps have several benefits, including:

  • It will revitalize your frail and damaged hair
  • It can also reverse the postpartum hair loss
  • You can experience thicker and healthier hair follicles
  • Laser caps treat balding and thinning hair
  • There are no side effects, and the device is FDA-cleared
  • It is an effective and safe hair loss treatment for women ages 18 and older
postpartum hair loss
Asian pregnant woman can not making new hair color because it affects the fetus

3. Diet

There is no doubt about the fact that a balanced and healthy diet is optimal for every person’s wellbeing and good health. For postpartum mothers, in particular, one cannot overstate the importance of a healthy diet, since it plays an integral part in restoring and halting the postpartum hair fall from progressing.

One major way of combating your hair fall is to maintain the required balance of nutrients and vitamins. You must include fresh fruits, whole grains, and vegetables as these are the biggest sources of nutrients. In addition, it is equally important to remember that a sufficient intake of water is also compulsory for thorough hydration.

changing your diet to deal with postpartum hair loss
Healthy diet vegan food with grains, nuts, dips, bean curd, fruit, vegetables, legumes & spice. Food high in antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fibre, smart carbs & protein. Plant based diet concept.

4. Hairstyle

We are all well aware of the postpartum mom hairstyle, aren’t we? Well, a shorter hairstyle is not only practical and easy to manage for new moms; it also effectively reduces the appearance of the postpartum process.

You may be very fond of your hair length but think of it from an alternative perspective. An adjustment in your styling will reduce the level of stress on your fragile hair and enable it to re-grow faster with less burden.

You must also try not to brush your hair too vigorously when in postpartum. This could split or tear your delicate hair, nor should you force it into brutal styles like cornrow braids, ponytails, and weaves.

hair products to do your hair
Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

5. Hair Products

An alteration in your hair care routine may also prove beneficial in reducing your hair loss. You might try a shampoo for postpartum hair fall, one that contains silica and biotin along with a deeply moisturizing conditioner.

Make sure you are not using hair products that contain harsh and harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to your hair. This includes shampoos and conditioners that contain ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride, etc. This can further damage your hair and will make it even more difficult to grow it back after losing strands due to postpartum pregnancy.

postpartum hair loss
Photo by Erick Larregui on Unsplash


Postpartum hair loss can be difficult for many new moms. It is important to remember that often times when your hormones are back to their normal state, your hair loss will be minimized. However, by taking some of the tips above into consideration, you can reverse your postpartum hair loss at a faster rate.


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  1. Oh where was this 7 years ago. Or even 8 months ago. I’ve Been dealing with postpartum hair loss for 4 times in 7 years. It’s not fun!! Thank you for sharing and I’m going to definitely use your guidance!

  2. This is great info for the next time I have a baby. I remember I just stopped taking the prenatals because I wanted my body to self-regulate. I shed a little bit, but not as much as others I’ve seen,

  3. It is so important to take supplements after birth, and gain back nutrients that we have lost! I felt so depleted for so long!

  4. i went through this as well twice; and i think my diet and taking the supplements my obgyn asked me to helped a bit..
    these are all great tips and will pass them along

  5. Oh, I lost so much hair after I had my son. I cut it shorter than I was used to and watched my diet. I like your article, it offers great information for all new moms.

    1. My friend had to do the same thing because it was growing back at a all different lengths too!

  6. Postpartum hair loss is real and serious. My sister just gave birth a few months ago and this has been her major concern. Shared your post with her. This is truly helpful.

  7. Postpartum hair loss was so hard my first pregnancy. It really devastated me. Best thing I did my second pregnancy was start a postpartum hair vitamin. I take the Baby Blues one (www.babyblues.care). It has the vitamins you mentioned and a mineral blend and honestly it made such a difference. I think you are spot on with that. Especially now i think we are all shedding worse with a combination of stress. Best thing to do is help the body replenish with vitamins that help the hair be strong and grow. Thank you for this post.

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