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Every Mom Needs a Family Trip to The Bahamas

Every mom needs a family trip to the Bahamas! If you have never been, there are so many great things for families to do on vacation. Plus you can’t deny that it is such a beautiful place. Here are some important pieces of information for planning your trip to the Bahamas.

Are you looking for a vacation? If yes, here is a travel guide that all moms should go through to plan their next trip with their family to the Bahamas.

Little Know-How About the Bahamas:

The Bahamas – located between the North Atlantic and Florida’s Eastern coast.

The land of islands, cays, beaches, reefs, forests, and islands. When you are in the Bahamas, you will experience what in true sense parties and enjoyment are. This cheerful place covers 13,878 km² of Earth’s surface. There are not many habitats in the Bahamas. The total population of the place is 395,361 as of 2017, with a growth rate of 1% only. People from all around the world come to visit this enchanting place. Besides being famous for insanely expensive yet beautiful resorts, Bahamas is famous for the natural beauty it possesses.


Visa Process:

Visa is the only obstacle in your way to your exciting trip to the Bahamas. Let’s see how to get there.

Requirements for entry to the Bahamas vary from place to place.

  1. The passport is valid for 6 months.
  2. Proof of funds to support your trip.
  3. Proof of return to the country or ticket for the ongoing journey to another place is required.

For any further details, look out on Bahama’s official website.


Tourism in The Bahamas:

The Bahamas is a tourist country. Tourism is the main source of earning of the Bahamian economy. 1.5 million Stopover visitors and almost 3 million people visit the Bahamas through cruise every year. Bahamas is a true paradise for beach lovers and did I mention there are so many duty-free shops too. Trip to the Bahamas is a total package for everyone. Shopaholics can enjoy shopping, nature lovers can enjoy the beautiful views and party lovers can enjoy parties from dusk till dawn.



The Bahamas have been victimized by violent crimes in the past. In recent times, the ratios have been decreased. It is comparatively safer than before. Robberies and other crimes do occur from time to time, but in 2018 the crimes have been lowered significantly.


The Climate in The Bahamas:

The climate in the Bahamas is not extreme. Thanks to the constant and gentle trade winds. The average temperature in summers will reach 32 degrees Celsius and in winter the temperature will reach 27 degrees Celsius on average.


Best Time To Visit The Bahamas:

Thinking when to plan to the Bahamas? The best time to visit the Bahamas is from mid-December to mid-April. Though there is no off-season here in the Bahamas, time from December to April is the peak season.

4 Mandatory Places To Visit In The Bahamas:

No other place in the world will leave you completely amazed, the only Bahamas have the tendency to do so. Don’t believe what I see, plan your trip to the Bahamas right now and see for yourself. If you are visiting the beauty for the first time, here are the places you can go to:


1.      Nassau:

beaches in the bahamas

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. Not only it is the capital but it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The eye-catching cruise ship port has much more than just ships. The city has museums, shops, restaurants, and amazing buildings. If you love gifting souvenirs to your loved ones, you are at the right place, Nassau straw market will have it all. You can also sunbathe on the white sands of cable beach. What more are you expecting from a place?


2.      Exuma Cays Land:

beaches in the bahamas

The crystal-like clear yet blue waters of the region will melt your heart down. It is a paradise for divers and snorkelers. You know the delightful region has a marine protected area and no one is allowed to go there. You can go to the underwater wonderland using a boat and have an experience of the whole life. Did you know Exuma Cays is the home to famous celebrities like David Copperfield and Johnny Depp? All the fans of the celebrities, when are you planning your trip to the Bahamas?


3.      Treasure Cay:

beaches in bahamas

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Treasure Cay’s crescent shape makes it one of its kind. The soft sand, the aqua waters and the scenery will make you want to stay here forever. If you have already planned your trip to the Bahamas, don’t forget toad up Treasure Cay on your list.


4.      Bimini:

fishing in the bahamas

Looking for a place to go for fishing? Look no further, Bimini is the hub for fishing sports. The deep-sea fishing tournaments start from March and last till September. Not only for fishing, this Island famous for snorkeling and diving too. Bimini has been the part of novels like “The old man in the sea” and “Islands in the Stream.”


5 Best Hotels In The Bahamas:

Selecting a place to live in the most difficult decision to make. While traveling to the Bahamas, at least you don’t have to worry about it. We have brought you some places that will make the choice easier. I hope your trip to the Bahamas be a hassle-free and exciting one.

Here are a few best hotels in The Bahamas:


1.      The Cove, Atlantis:

trip to the bahamas

This place is perfect for a luxurious getaway. The Cove has so many amenities to offer like Mandara Spa and a casino. Moreover, there is a variety of options of rooms to choose from, like Sapphire, Presidential and Penthouse suites. The Cove pool will be a great place if you are looking for isolation at the peak season.

2.      SLS Baha Mar:

bahamas trip

Baha Mar is a very amazing place to stay. With a wide range of restaurants and bars, it stands out from the rest of the hotels in the region. No one doesn’t admire the beauty of the place. The place is expensive, it is a fact but it is all worth it. The comfortable stay, the uniquely designed rooms, kitchenettes and balconies attached with the rooms will make your stay completely hassle-free.


3.      Sandals Emerald Bay:

bahamas trip

Located on the Exumas Island, this is an adults-only property. So if you are planning your trip to the Bahamas without any minors, this can be your home for the trip. Bay features a golf course, 150-slip marina, a Red Lane Spa and 2 whirlpools. After all the sight-seeing and playing water and land games when you come to your room and you look out of the window, the oceanic view will blow off all the tiredness. Sounds a perfect place for you?


4.      Grand Isle Resort and Spa:

bahamas trip

Isle Resort and Spa is nothing but a perfect romantic getaway. The hotel features a couple of spa treatment and oceanfront private dinners. Do you remember season 20 of “The Bachelor”? If you don’t watch it again, you will see the Resort being featured in the season too. It’s not only ideal for couples only, kids too can enjoy their stay in the resort. The resort has so many supervised activities, a pool, modern dining chairs, and high chairs as well. Either you are planning your trip to the Bahamas alone or you are accompanied by children, the Grand Resort is there to make your stay worthwhile.


5.      Hilton at Resorts World Bimini:

hotel in the bahamas

Hilton, with other basic amenities, features a spa, tennis court, two pools, balconies with every room and a casino too. You can enjoy fishing sports and can come to this home-like place to rest on a cozy bed watching the best YouTube Originals. Many cafes are also in easy reach so you don’t have to go too far away if you don’t want to dine in the hotel.


Famous Food in The Bahamas:

Here a few amazing foods you should definitely try on your trip to the Bahamas:

1.      Conch:


The national food of the Bahamas. Considering the location of the Bahamas, it is quite obvious there will be plenty of seafood. The fish is eaten in plenty of ways, it can be fried, grilled steamed or even served raw with citrus juices and vegetables.


2.      Guava Duff:


A different kind of dessert. It is basically guava with dough, cooked with baking powder and sugar until it is soft.

3.      Tortuga Rum Cakes:

tortuga rum cakes

Rum Cakes are the most famous in the Bahamas. Yes, they contain alcohol but only 1%, suitable for all cultures and ages. Do try the famous Rum Cakes on your trip to the Bahamas.


Travel Costs for The Trip to The Bahamas:

The Bahamas will definitely cost you a good deal of money. Imagine flying away to a place with such beauty. Isn’t it worth it?

The Bahamas will cost you $124 daily. So, if you don’t have that amount, start saving, the trip to the Bahamas awaits you.


Local Traditions, Customs, And Celebrations in The Bahamas:

Freedom of expression is Bahamians forte. Bahamians have immense love for music and dance, which can be seen in their culture too. Let’s see how Bahamians celebrate their special holidays:

1.      Bahamas Independence Day:

bahamas independence day

Independence Day is special for any nation in the world. Different nations celebrate their independence differently. Bahamians celebrate their independence on the 10th of July. The Bahamas gained independence in 1973 from the United Kingdom. Independence Day at the Bahamas is celebrated with colorful and eye-catching festivities. Beach parties, dance, and music, Junkanoo festival parade almost sum up the celebrations of Independence Day at the Bahamas.


2.      Boxing Day:

parade in the bahamas

Celebrated every year on the 26th of December. It is as a tribute to the slaves after Christmas. The day is basically sharing the leftovers with the people. The boxes for the leftovers were usually brought in from England, made of wood. The day usually begins with Junkanoo Parades. If you are lucky enough to plan your trip to the Bahamas near these dates, you will be happy to see the big hearts of Bahamians.


3.      Randol Fawkes Labor Day:

fun parade in bahamas

The day is celebrated in honor of Sir Randol, who established this day in 1961. The celebrations begin at 10 am. The labors, no matter what their organization is, private or government gather in colorful uniforms. Local bands are there to amuse both the marchers and the people and Junkanooers lead the parade. Along with that, choosing a marching band shoe is important as they will showcase their skills and represent their band.

The parade and marches start from downtown in Nassau and end at Southern Recreation Grounds with speeches from the union leaders and politicians. Labor Day is celebrated on the 1st Friday of June.

Last Words:

The Bahamas is really an eye-catching place. If you have ever been to the Bahamas share your experiences with us, if not, start packing up your bags and hit the roads, Bahamas is waiting for you.


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