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All You Need to Know About Fermented Skincare Products

People have been avid fans of fermented food for excellent health both inside and out. South Koreans introduced fermented skincare to the world and established how it could reduce early signs of aging. It has been a traditional practice found in kimchi and other Korean food. The Koreans brought many useful skincare tips for the last decade, and fermented products quickly became a cult favorite. People are leaning more on products that have active and safe ingredients, like fermented skincare.

We will discuss the science behind fermentation and the different skincare benefits when using fermented skincare products:



How Does Fermentation Work?

To fully understand how fermented skincare works, you have to know the meaning of fermentation. This process breaks down the organic compounds that are complex into pure micro compounds by doing chemical enzyme reaction. The moment a specific skincare product undergoes fermentation, this will transform the components and boost the skin benefits.

Fermentation amplifies the skin-loving effects of the ingredients, making it a much better option for skincare. Skincare companies like Neogen have great fermented product selections for all skin types. Check them out here.


Beauty Benefits of Fermented Products

There are a lot of benefits you can gain from switching to the all-natural alternatives. The effects can be instantaneous for some, but mostly it’s all about consistency in using and applying these products. Remember that your skin type is also a factor, so be aware of it too.

Here are some beauty benefits you might find useful:


Easier and Quicker Product Absorption

A lot of active ingredients found in skin care products have molecular sizes that are too large to be effectively absorbed by your skin. Because of fermentation, the molecules transform to smallest sizes which increases the skin’s absorption of the products.


Increase production of nourishing properties

Through fermentation, the ingredients will increase their level of antioxidants- a component known to give numerous skin benefits. It will also increase the production of collagen and fight off free radicals that cause skin aging.


Great for sensitive skin

Most of the time, using products with natural raw ingredients can still irritate your skin because they contain substances that are toxic like metals and pesticides. You can neutralize these harmful components with fermentation and make use of the natural ingredients skin benefits.


Protect your skin

We can Eliminate the harmful bacteria of the product from the fermentation. With this process, the products can ease skin inflammation, repair elasticity, reduce acne breakouts, and improve your face texture.


Fermented beauty products

There are different products that offer fermented ingredients due to its astonishing benefits and effects. To get an idea, Check out these fermented products you can choose from:

  • serums
  • cleansing foam
  • gel cleansers
  • ampoules
  • toners
  • topical creams
  • brightening masks
  • exfoliating peels

Common fermented ingredients

Now here are a few of the fermented ingredients that can be usually found in these innovative products so you will be familiar with the following:

  • grape
  • rice
  • yeast
  • fermented olive leaf extract
  • red ginseng
  • fermented chili
  • black soy
  • fermented coconut
  • kimchi
  • sea kelp
  • fermented pumpkin

Other product lines incorporate a handful of mineral extracts that come from fermented yeast like copper, zinc, and magnesium. After they are converted to peptides by enzyme, they will remove the yeast, and mineral peptides can successfully penetrate your skin to increase its product efficacy. These formulas use a league of youth-advocating, age-defying ingredients that will make your skin younger. Other benefits include:

Fermented Skincare Products - teach.workout.love


Research and Studies

Although the research about fermented skincare is not too copious, the results of the current array of products have shown excellent results. A 2012 Journal of Medicinal Food study revealed that red ginseng fermentation increases both anti-wrinkle and whitening efficacy compared to traditional red ginseng.

Fermented products are known to mimic the functions of the cell, working with the skin in a symbiotic way. So far, adverse reactions are quite rare, and fermented products are proved to be suitable even for people with sensitive skin. Moreover, because the process of fermentation helps preserve and prolong the product’s shelf life using antimicrobial properties, fermented products usually don’t have parabens.


Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned all about fermented products and its benefits, it’s safe to say that making the big switch is the best option for you. If you have sensitive skin and have a hard time looking for a product that doesn’t irritate your face, you can try using fermented skincare and cosmetics.


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