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3 Tasty Foods You Can Still Eat on Keto

Many people view the ketogenic diet as being very restrictive. That’s understandable as you do need to completely cut out sugar and carbohydrates. This article is going to show you three foods that might be surprising you can have on keto.


Breakfast Cereal on Keto

I know when I started the keto diet I just wrote off cereal altogether. Well, it turns out there are some low carb cereal options.

If you aren’t familiar with net carbs, this is total carbohydrates minus dietary fiber. For many of these keto-friendly cereal there will be some carbs, the net carbs will be low, thanks to the dietary fiber in them. So if you are looking to keep your total carbs low, be careful with these cereals.

One example of a low carb cereal is ProGranola Vanilla Cinnamon Cluster. It is very tasty with a crunchy vanilla and cinnamon flavor. In each serving there are 14 grams of carbohydrates and 12 grams of dietary fiber, meaning there are just two net carbs per serving.

For more information on low carb cereal options, click here.

Low Carb Ice Cream

This isn’t something that many people realize is an option. There is actually keto-friendly ice cream out there. Now, there will obviously be a few carbohydrates in these, but still it is possible to indulge in ice cream and maintain ketosis.

The most popular low carb ice cream is Halo Top. It’s important to remember that there are definitely some carbs in each serving. You will probably need to have a half of a serving if you are being very strict for your carb count for the day you have Halo Top. Or if you want to say heck with it and indulge one day, you won’t be having nearly the number of carbs you would if you ate regular ice cream.

If you want to see all of your low carb ice cream options, chick out this website.


Keto-Friendly Fast Food

When most people start the ketogenic diet, they say goodbye to fast food altogether. This is a mistake because there are some great fast food options available even when someone in on the keto diet.

What kind of fast food can someone on keto have? Well, one example is bun-less burgers. Sure, that might not be as good as a regular burger, but you can still grab fast food burgers for close to a buck, toss the bun and it will stave off hunger for at least a couple hours.

Taco Bell is a great place for keto dieters. There are their protein bowls. Just have them hold the rice and beans and you can even double up on the meat and guac and it is a very filling, keto-friendly meal.

An important thing to remember when eating fast food while on the keto diet is to make sure to download the mobile app for each restaurant you go to. On the app you are able to find menu options that you maybe didn’t know existed. Also, you are able to personalize and customize what you want. If you are worried about all of the specifications you need to make to an order when on the keto diet, the mobile apps let you place an order without doing that. There are also specials deals and coupons within the apps which will help you save money. Mobile apps are a great asset for someone on the keto diet, so make sure to hit up the Google Play Store or the App Store on your iPhone.

Here you can find a very comprehensive guide for eating fast food on keto.


Keep Your Mind Open When on Keto

Many people just rule out certain types of food when on the keto diet. It’s easy to fall into a rut of eating the same foods every day. A lot of people on the keto diet eat the same things: chicken wings, salads, steaks and broccoli. It is important to diversify the food that one eats so they don’t become bored and go off the rails and enjoy all of the foods they’ve been missing.

One great way to find different keto-friendly culinary options is to take a trip to Pinterest. At this incredible site someone can find a recipe to make just about anything that exists keto-friendly. Whether you are looking for sweets, breaded chicken or anything else, you will have no problem finding the keto-friendly recipe you are looking for on their site.

With a little resolve you can find any of the food you have been missing since starting the keto diet.


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