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Forget The Laundry Blues With These Housekeeping Hacks

Have you ever found yourself wearing the same pair of socks inside out? If yes, it is probably because you ran out of clean clothes. This is what laundry blues can do to you. Now, you are either on the verge of buying new socks or you are planning to wash them soon. But how soon is a puzzle that only you can solve. Though the idea of washing clothes regularly is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most of them avoid washing clothes until a weird smell starts purging from the pile of clothes so fittingly lying in your room. 

Not only this but soon after distress follows. Because you have nothing clean to wear and you are on the verge of wearing the same dirty clothes yet again. Now, it is worth noticing that the situation arrived because you decided to either procrastinate or you just don’t like washing clothes.

The reasons are plenty but to tackle laundry blues you have to first understand the concept of a never-ending task. Which is your laundry! It will never end and you will have more clothes to wash every week. 

So, either you can hire a cleaning service and know- how much to tip house cleaners or get over laundry blues by following these hacks. But first, pay attention to what I have to say next.


Decide what ‘clean’ means to you

It is no surprise that for some people cleaning means doing a load of laundry while for others it means everything else besides washing clothes. There are different psychological parameters set for cleaning. For instance, some people may look at steaming clothes as the ultimate clean and may search “what you need to know about steam cleaning”, for example, so they can find the best way to do it for optimal results.

Also, it is possible that you are one of those people who think deep cleaning is the only way to stay spick and span. But as a matter of fact, we are approaching an age where technology has made everything easy. Instead, even a giant task seems easy when technology comes into play. So, it will be fair to say that cleaning is no more an enormous task.

Having said that, ask yourself one question first. What is the meaning of clean to you? If you contemplate this question honestly, you will have several answers in your mind. This is the first step that will help you decide how can you keep your house clean. Plus washing clothes is an integral part of it. So, let’s look at some of the laundry hacks. 


Hand sanitizers fight ink stains 

Ignoring laundry only because you have some stubborn stains will not work well for your nostrils after some time. So, before the stench of your own clothes drives you out of your room, try using a hand sanitizer over ink stains. All you have to do is pour hand sanitizer over the ink stain.

Leave it there for ten minutes and run it in a washing machine. It is a guarantee that stains will disappear and you will have fewer excuses for not doing your laundry. 

Hand sanitizers

Folding clothes will go a long way

I have met and seen people whose clothes are on the verge of extinction. They rot overtime and the stench, especially on the laundry day, is revolting. But these are just exceptions. One of the main reasons behind laundry blues is leaving the washed clothes unfolded.

Instead, it is no surprise that if you leave all your clothes unkempt, it will always feel like you have a set of clothes that need washing. But if you start folding your clothes soon after the laundry you will stay in awe of your clothes all the time. This will lead you to wash clothes quite often than you do now. 

Folding clothes

Always keep a drying rack

Drying rack is your best friend. Especially if you over-dry your clothes in the sun. The problem of over-drying persists with people who have a habit of keeping the clothes out in the sun for days.

This is another laundry-related blue that people often ignore. Instead, it seems like laundry has a wave of blues that come and go. First, it is the washing phase, then drying and eventually folding. In the entirety, it becomes a three-fold task. 

So, to overcome the problem of unclipping clothes from the hanger, keep a foldable drying rack handy. Hang the clothes and let them air dry. A drying rack constantly lying inside your house will also remind you that you have clothes to fold and iron. 


Add a dry towel to the dryer

It is extremely difficult to dry out clothes during rainy seasons. Plus the quality of the clothes deteriorates after remaining wet for a long time. Subsequently, you have to make sure that the clothes are super dry without the extra consumption of electricity. To save both your clothes and electricity, place a dry towel in the dryer. A dry towel will retain water and help in the process of super-drying.

In addition to this, you can also use the power of the second spin to dry out clothes faster. I have tried this method personally and I feel a second spin will help you get rid of excess moisture. In turn, you will have clean and dry clothes even if it’s raining cats and dogs outside. 


Sort it out 

The process of sorting is simple and includes three simple techniques. The first one is to keep the darks and whites in separate laundry bags. The second is to sort the clothes right before putting them in the washing machine. Lastly by using a sorter that is mostly found in the laundry section. You can take your choice into account and sort it accordingly. 

Additionally, there is more to sorting than just separation. You can use sorting for various other purposes. For instance, how many times have you washed money along with the clothes? I am sure many times. To avoid the same from happening again, start tying a knot to the shirts and t-shirts that are empty. So that by the time you start washing clothes you know which clothes need re-checking. 

You can also sort clothes based on stains. Because it is not always possible to remember which cloth went into washing for what purpose. Some could be for daily wash and others specifically for stains. So before you open and throw your clothes in the laundry bag, sort them based on the degree of dirt.

All these sorting techniques will help you stay organized. In turn, if you stay organized and you will stay motivated to do laundry at least once a week. 


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