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How To Teach Problem Solving to School Age Children

How do you approach trying to solve problems with your children? Having school age children makes finding ways to solve problems a lot more difficult when they have their own opinions and influences outside of your home.

What is the right way to find solutions to problems? Honestly there really is no right way, however, there are many options of ways to problem solve. Think about the many problems that school age children have. As a teacher, I see issues at school everyday. “She won’t be my best friend anymore!” “They took my football and won’t give it back!” “They aren’t playing the right rules at recess!”

So many issues – but how do you deal with them in a positive light? How can you teach your child to problem solve on their own?

Talking together is the number one solution. However, if you are not patient enough, sometimes this can turn in the wrong direction. You might rush through the problem trying to find a solution and then in turn making the problem actually worse to begin with. Having an extra tool in your tool kit is huge for success during school age years. But what tool?


Myra Makes is a company that created a problem solving activity book for children ages 6 and up. They believe that “education should put the learner first, encourage exploration, and emphasize creativity, problem solving, and empathy.” Inside the book there are 60 pages of story and activity. They have created a child where you can follow her motions through making new friends and making solutions to any problems that occur along the way. You wouldn’t believe how hard grade school is with issues around friendships! Knowing how to solve these problems can be a huge success for young kiddos. It can really prevent lots of unnecessary stress that is caused from problems at school.


The great thing about this book is that it is relatable. Kids can relate to what Myra is going through because it is most likely something they have dealt with at school before. They also have many colorful pictures and fun activities, along with coloring, cutting and gluing. Not only that, but the story is fun! Myra’s adventures are fun to read and learn about.

This book is meant to help children be able to determine answers to solutions in their own lives from learning about how Myra dealt with problems and created her solutions. As a teacher, a book like this at home is huge. You would not believe how many issues at school my kids have that ONLY deal with social issues. This book can help your child problem solve and learn how to deal with problems they encounter at school.



Featured Photo by Anton Sukhinov on Unsplash


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