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Daily Cleaning Checklist For Working Moms

Working moms tend to find themselves with less and less time every week. Between extracurricular activities, making dinner, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and attempting to get to the gym, life is hectic. When working Monday to Friday, leaving the weekends to do everything you couldn’t accomplish during the week is difficult. When working until 5 or 6pm every day, it makes it difficult to do everything needed for you and your family before bedtime.

Creating a daily cleaning checklist can help working moms spread out the cleaning of their house so Saturday is not a 4-hour cleaning day. Here is your new schedule and some great products to go with it:






Monday’s are always hectic. Working moms do not want to clean on Monday. Just the pure notion of trying to clean on Monday makes us want to run and hide. That is why on a Monday, you do minimal cleaning. Run the dishwasher from the weekend in the morning. When you come home from work, wipe down the shower and the bathroom. One way I have avoided cleaning the shower is by spraying bleach in there every week and washing it off afterwards. We know that some do not like bleach, but we have found great organic bleach that is easy to purchase and safe to use. If you are consistent with this every week, it should only take about 15 minutes. Then start the week off by going to sleep on time.



Although it is Tuesday, the days are seeming longer and longer. To take the burden off of cleaning the entire house on Saturday when you are off from work, do a few things today. Start with unloading the dishwasher and wiping down the kitchen. While  getting dinner ready, clean out the sink and scrub the top of the stove. You will want to reload it after everything is clean so you have an empty sink. Tonight would be a good night to preload the coffee pot because mama needs her coffee!



Happy Hump Day working moms! It is so close to the weekend but yet so far. This would be a great day to take on a bigger task that will allow you to get some extra self-care on SaturdayVacuum the most important floors every week. Rooms such as the living room, dining room, and playroom. Every other Wednesday vacuum the bedrooms. By splitting it up every week, it alleviates the amount of cleaning that you are doing after an even longer day of work.



Holy moly, the week is still going. But as a working mom, we just have to keep going, no matter how tired we are. Every Thursday run the laundry as soon as you get home. If it finishes in time, get everyone to help fold it while sitting around watching TV. We know this is a pain, but it needs to be done so consider it a bi-weekly  event. Every other Thursday change the sheets. I would try to alternate it between the weeks that you aren’t vacuuming.



Ladies! You have finally made it. The final day of the work week and you know that everyone is counting down to 5:00.  Sit down with you glass of wine and grab the laundry basket. During a family movie or your favorite series, you can fold the laundry. However, don’t leave putting away the laundry until Saturday, just get it all done today. You will thank me tomorrow. Every other Friday Fluff the pillows and rugs outside.



The weekend is finally here, and unfortunately, after doing everything during the week, there are still things to be done. However, you can get a little bit more sleep in and possibly some self-care with a book.  To make this simple, throw another load of laundry and put it away later on during the day, maybe even Sunday. Do a quick mop of the floors in the kitchen and any other areas with no carpet. We don’t mean get a bucket of water and hand scrub the floors. This can be done with the Swiffer mop easily.


Take the day off! All week long you have worked at home and at the office. Mama needs a day off and Sunday is that day!



Here is a printable checklist of all daily cleaning tasks. Sticking to the list every week will make for an easier work week and less stress of getting everything done on your weekend. Taking one whole day or morning on the weekend to clean is not ideal. Spring is always the time we start really cleaning our home. We have some tips to spring cleaning your home, or take the organization challenge.


All days can be interchangeable; however, my advice is that start off the week easy. If you start it off with hard tasks like changing the sheets, you might not stick to the schedule. Start slow and work your way up. If you skip a day during the week, not to worry, double up or do it the next week. When you are a busy working mom, having a daily cleaning schedule will help reduce the daily overwhelm.





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