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10 Reasons Mama Needs Her Coffee

Moms – we need our coffee! Coffee has become a kind of staple in the lives of all types of moms. When shopping online, there are tons of shirts, mugs, bags, you name it that say, “Mama Needs Her Coffee”. There are reasons for this! But what are these reasons mamas everywhere need their coffee? Well here are 10 great reasons that mamas are drinking coffee daily!





I feel like the name might say it all, but just in case you don’t have a toddler, an explanation is needed. When you see things like “I hope your coffee is stronger than your toddler”, this is because toddlers have more energy than you when drinking 5 Red Bulls and a 5-hour energy! By the time your coffee starts to wear off, you will need two more to keep up! Toddlers never stop. Sometimes they don’t even nap! Drinking coffee is essential during the toddler stage. And a 4-cup coffee maker will help you make coffee easier.

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Lack of sleep

Sleep? What is that? There is nothing more that moms dream about besides coffee and sleep! Seems like an easy fix but when your baby needs to eat, they need to eat. 1 A.M? 5 A.M? Doesn’t matter if you had the best sleep of your life, you are waking up. To survive the lack of sleep, drinking coffee is there as a cushion.


Midnight feedings

When you have a newborn, a routine has not been established and they wake up whenever is convenient for them. Unfortunately, this is not ideal for moms. If you’re lucky, your baby will only wake up once, but coffee is there to soothe you in the morning, one midnight wake up or five.


Sicknesses and trips to the ER

Usually sicknesses don’t appear until 3 A.M. That is either when the Tylenol wears off or a new sickness is upon you. My daughter usually tends to puke only between the hours at 1 A.M and 5 A.M. Luckily, after getting out the carpet cleaner, changing the bed sheets and her clothes, coffee is there for me when I must wake up for work at 6 A.M.

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Mom hangovers

Having a hangover really is terrible. But when you are a mom and decide that drinking the night before like your college self, coffee is there for you! Now if only someone would serve it to you in bed, then life might not be spinning so much!



Alcohol might be the more accurate answer here, but coffee will do. When your husband sleeps through his night of waking up with the baby and someone must feed them, coffee is there for you.

Cleaning the house

Cleaning is always a chore that no one wants to do. When you must clean the whole house on a Saturday morning, break out the cleaning supplies and put on a pot of coffee. Cleaning the house with coffee is much better than without.


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Organizing Toys

Having to organize your children’s toys is an awful part of parenting. There are pieces and toys everywhere. Nothing matches or goes together. Organizing into big bins is the way to go without getting a little OCD. When having to organize these toys, coffee is there to give you the strength to care what bin the Barbies go in.




Folding laundry

Seriously, who can fold laundry without coffee? When you have kids, the laundry can get out of control real quick. Having to fold all of it and organize it calls for multiple cups of coffee. Usually we are fitting this in late night because we had forgotten to do it the night before. Coffee is there to help you get through the whole task.


Traveling with kids

No matter the time of day that you are traveling, if you are with kids, coffee is essential. Airplane, car or boat, someone will always need entertaining while the others sleep. Drinking coffee can help you stay awake to entertain the child that just won’t go to sleep.

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Final thoughts

The list could seriously go on. If you are looking for some great coffee machines or coffee because yours isn’t strong enough, click here, we’ve got you covered! Do you have a reason that mama needs her coffee? Add it in the comments!


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