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How to Choose a Bra That Suits You

A suitable lingerie can give you more confidence and make your appearance look perfect, but most women realize that buying lingerie is a nightmare. When you’re trying on lingerie, a proper piece of push up bra will make your figure look perfect and have a fascinating curve. To really make the most of your body, you should look further into the more specialist shops to seek a better selection and achieve a sexier you. Here’s how to choose a bra that suits you.

A suitable lingerie gives you more confidence and make your appearance look perfect, but what do we get? Here's how to choose a bra that suits you. 

Select the right cup

First, choose the right cup to ensure comfort. The cup is the main structure of the bra. In addition to the inclusive breast, it also has the functions of pushing the chest, breast augmentation, protecting the chest and facilitating exercise. Therefore, it is very important to choose a cup that suits you. The cups are mainly three types: full cup bra, 3/4 cup bra, and half cup bra.


The shape after putting on

The main role of the underwire bra is to support the breasts, so that the female’s chest is more plump and beautiful, thus highlighting the woman’s unique body charm. Therefore, the choice of underwear should be in line with your own chest shape. It is best to wrap the chest and it can also play a good role in shaping.


Shoulder strap tightness

The elastic force of the shoulder strap is an important factor in determining whether the bra is comfortable to wear. When we buy a new bra, we should use your fingers to slide it up and down when you wear it for the first time to see if you feel pressure or not too tight, adjust to the most comfortable state.


Choose fabrics and materials

As a second layer of skin for women, special attention should be paid attention to materials when choosing a bra. Good fabrics not only have a better comfort experience but also have an upper layer effect and texture, which is not found in poor fabrics.

Making women looks beautiful and feels comfortable has always been Wingslove’s mission. We understand that wearing a bra that fits comfortably is a life-changing experience.


Watch for key fit concerns.

Some of the things that we should watch for when trying to find a new bra are that they don’t actually fit you! They may be cute but not always are they the right fit. On the no-no list: Boob spillage over the top of the cups (too small). Gaping in the cups (too big). Straps digging into your shoulders or sliding down.

Any kind of pinching in the back band, or rolls of skin that bulge beyond the edge. You should be able to comfortably fasten a bra on the second or third hook—if only the last hook will do, it’s too small. The bridge of the bra (centered between the cups) and the underwire around the sides should sit completely flush with the skin. Has this ever happened to you before? If so, then you understand why this is a no-no! We want to make sure that a bra fits us like a glove.


Final thoughts

But many women don’t realize the impact of lingerie on the overall aesthetics of the dress and help make your clothes look more amazing. There are so many innovative products in the lingerie market, so no matter what your body shape, you can find the sexy lingerie that suits you very well.


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