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7 Ways to Bond with Your Newborn Baby

It might seem difficult to form a loving bond with such a tiny person who is completely helpless, but these simple 7 ways to bond with your newborn baby prove the opposite! Your baby wants to be close to you, and it doesn’t take a lot. They want to be held, cuddled, rocked, and talked to, all of which initiates bonding. In short, with these ways to bond with your baby, you’ll feel confident being a mother!


As a brand new mom, I felt completely clueless at first.

How do I bond with my baby? How can I make them feel loved this early on? Furthermore, what will help them know and recognize me? As I spent those first few weeks with my newborn, I figured out along the way how to bond with baby. Then, I didn’t feel clueless anymore. I came to know what my baby loved.


These 7 ways to bond with your newborn baby are what I and countless other parents have done to nurture the baby/parent relationship!

Bond with your newborn baby by breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is about as close as you can get physically to your baby! It’s like cuddling, holding, and hugging all in one.

This close, physical contact releases the hormone called oxytocin, or the “love hormone”. It calms and soothes your baby and enhances your “mothering behaviors” (source).

If you can’t breastfeed or choose not to, don’t worry! You can still use the following great ways to build a super strong bond with your child. Or, check out this article about how to make breastfeeding easy!


Bond by rocking

Make sure your nursery has a rocking chair! There’s nothing like holding your baby close and rocking them to sleep in your arms. It makes your baby feel safe and secure, and even helps build a foundation for self-calming (source).

Spend this time relaxing and enjoying your precious bundle. If you’re anything like me, you might fall asleep with them!

Forget about your chores and to-do list. Bonding with your baby while they’re still so little is more important. Their first few months fly by and you’ll be thanking yourself later that you spent that time with them!


Talk with your newborn baby

A full-term baby’s hearing is well developed. Speaking softly to your newborn helps her form a relationship with you, which is also important for her future social skills (source).

It doesn’t matter what you talk about, your baby will be enthralled just to hear your voice! Talking baby talk with them will grab their attention. In addition, tell them about their toys, what you had for lunch, or how adorable they are.


7 ways to bond with your newborn baby

Use a Carrier

Keep your baby close to you by using a carrier as you work around the house, and go outside. They’ll be happy and content just to be snuggled by your chest. They’ll feel safe going everywhere with you. Use this time to kiss the top of their sweet little head even more!

Lastly, they’ll probably fall asleep as you bounce around with them, but you’ll get to enjoy their warmth and peacefulness.

Bond with your newborn baby by cuddling

Cuddling is incredibly important for your baby. It can sooth her and make her feel safe, as well as getting that oxytocin flowing for the both of you (source).

There are so many great benefits of cuddling with your child from birth. It encourages calmness and relaxation, improves sleep patterns, and reduces discomfort during teething, colic, and emotional stress (source).

Lastly, you can cuddle with your baby on the couch, the bed, the rocking chair, or anywhere the both of you find comfy.


Bath time with your newborn baby

Most likely your newborn will love getting a bath, as it will relax and calm her. Spend this time together gently splashing, playing, and talking.

Bath time is great because it’s a time you can spend exclusively with your child without any distractions. It will give them that love and attention they need. This awesome article talks about all of the benefits of bathing your baby and how it helps you bond.

Don’t forget to lotion afterwards for a wonderful body massage!


Bond by singing

Singing is a fun way to bond, even if you don’t have a great voice! Don’t be shy; your baby will love it. Your newborn will remember the tunes you sing to her as she grows bigger.

There was a cool study done that shows that singing can help improve the relationship between mother and child! It is just as engaging to them as reading a book or playing with a toy. Furthermore, a baby is much more stimulated by their mother’s voice than recorded music (source)!

I hope these 7 ways to bond with your newborn baby are helpful and informative for you! Some other helpful articles for new mamas are 10 Prayers for Your Baby During Pregnancy, 3 Adorable Nursery Theme Ideas, and How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night.


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