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How To Create A Healthy & Safe Home For Your Family

Parents want to make their homes safe for their families – a place where every family member is protected from the rest of the world. But the home can also be a risky environment. Every day, 374 children in the United States ages 0 to 19 are treated in an emergency department, and two children die due to being poisoned. The last thing you want is for your kids to become part of the statistics. So, do you want to create a healthy, safe home for your family? These tips should help.

Making sure your home is safe is a top priority. So, do you want to create a healthy, safe home for your family? These tips should help.

1. Prevent falls

More than 50% of falls occur in the home. The CDC reports that around 60,000 older adults die each year from various falls at home. Children may be young and strong, but they’re almost equally at risk of being injured from a fall at home. Always ensure that your home is clear from anything that could pose a tripping hazard.

These include exposed electrical cords, toys, throw rugs, etc. Also, make sure your home is well lit at night to prevent accidents. Keep your stairs clutter-free and provide handrails on either side. Non-slip mats will be a great help in bathroom floors, and grab bars can help aging adults to their feet.


2. Guard against scalding

You’re probably aware that your little one could drown in a bathtub, but did you know that they are equally at risk of getting seriously burned? Always ensure that hot water limits do not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit, as this could harm your baby during a bath.


3. Create a safe exterior

If your kids spend a lot of time outside, you need to ensure they’re safe while out there. If you have a lawn or garden, always make sure that there are no weeds around, especially those with sharp edges. You might also want to get rid of pests and harmful insects like mosquitoes. If you live in an area with a stagnant water body around, you may need the help of professional mosquito control services to keep your outdoors safe.


4. Prevent poisoning

Poisoning is one of the most leading causes of death in a home, if not the most. Anybody at home can be at risk, as poisoning occurs in various forms in a home. Some of the main substances that cause accidental poisoning and death at home include cleaning products, poisonous houseplants, medications, and pesticides. Always keep any product that could be a source of poisoning locked away in a safe place.


5. Check the windows

You’ll be surprised how many children end up in emergency rooms falling off a window – that’s more than 4,000 kids every year. If you have kids, then you should install window guards, or window stops to protect them. Cords on blinds and shades can also strangle toddlers. So, be sure to keep furniture pieces or anything climbable away from such windows.


With these tips, you are bound to keep your children safe and sound at home.


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