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How to Organize Your Medications

Taking medications on a daily basis can be time consuming and confusing. Finding ways to make it easier can help you not feel so confused or out of control on a daily basis. Whether it be for yourself or a loved one, check out our tips on how to organize your medications daily.

Taking medications on a daily basis can be time consuming and confusing. Check out our tips on how to keep your medications organized.

Taking medications on a daily basis can be time consuming and confusing. Check out our tips on how to keep your medications organized.

Taking medications on a daily basis can be time consuming and confusing. Check out our tips on how to keep your medications organized.

Use a weekly pill organizer

Weekly pill organizers are useful tools for those taking multiple medications or supplements a day. Pill organizers can serve as a reminder to take all of your doses without missing or doubling up. They’re also a fantastic way to stay organized and to transport your pills when traveling. AUVON’s pill organizer is really great because it is easy to refill and separates morning/night pills. This way you are not struggling to refill it every week and stay on top of what week it is. Luckily, this pill organizer can hold up to 12 vitamins with its large compartments so it can fit your medication all in one location. 

pill box organizer

If you are helping an elderly parent or grandparent, this is perfect because you don’t have to worry about organizing night and day because it does it for you. Also, the large compartments that are tightly sealed make it easy in case they drop the case that it won’t open and spill out everywhere.  It also has quick refills and it has FSA or HSA eligibility. 

For myself, I take Metformin and it’s up to me to remember if I took my morning and night pill. Sometimes I just forget and then can’t remember if I took it or not. This pill box is really great for me because in case that happens, I can look into the morning or night area of the day and know for sure. 


pill box organizer

Make a schedule

Sometimes life can get really busy, but medication does not go away, regardless of how busy you are. Making a schedule of the medications that you need to take on a daily basis can really be helpful, especially if you keep the schedule in the same location as your medication. Using the pill organizer can help you know which ones that you need to take too.

Making that schedule when you need to refill your medication is important so you don’t miss any. What if you have some that are on a different time schedule than others? Using a schedule is perfect for those medications that are not on the same timeline to avoid confusion. 


Have a common location

If you keep pills all over your house, there is no way you will remember to take them all. By keeping all of your pills in the same location, it can help you feel organized and stay on top of what you are taking. Determining whether the kitchen or the bathroom is the best location for your medication is important. Having it in a common area where you will be most likely remember to take the medication is key. 



Following these steps can help you feel more in control of your life that is now filled with taking multiple medications. It can help you keep track of your life and feel more at ease on a daily basis. 

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