How to Spend Extended Periods Abroad

If you love traveling, then you’ll want to spend as much time as possible exploring the world. Alas, that’s not always possible. There’s normally the small matter of things like jobs and money holding us back. As such, most of us just have to settle for one or two-week adventures. But if there’s one thing to know, it’s that everything is possible! In this blog, we’re going to run through some methods to spend extended periods abroad. While not all of them will be applicable to your circumstances, many of them will be!


Speak To Your Boss

If the coronavirus pandemic taught us anything, it’s that many jobs can be done remotely. With the end of the pandemic nearly in sight, many people will be returning to the office soon. But that’s just when the world will be opening up again!

If you’re desperate to travel the world after spending so much time cooped up indoors, then look at speaking to your boss to see if you can work flexible hours on a long-term basis. Even if you have to pop up into the office every now and again, you’ll still have plenty of time to get out there into the world.

Spending time abroad is a wonderful experience but are not sure what to actually do? learn more about how to spend extended periods abroad.

Become a Digital Nomad

Another option is to quit your job and travel the world! That might sound like a dream, but it’s more achievable than you might think. There are plenty of people living this type of lifestyle at the moment, after all. One of the best methods for transitioning from a “regular” job to a digital nomad job is to look at making money online.

This Latest Deals guide will tell you 25 ways to make money via the internet. Once you’re up and running, you’ll be able to set sail to anywhere where there’s an internet connection. And in this day and age, that means virtually everywhere.


Volunteering Options

Another option is to take a temporary hiatus from your regular work and volunteer abroad. This is a good option because while you won’t be making money, you also won’t be spending all that much money, either.

There are websites — such as help and Workaway — that connect travelers with hosts. In exchange for a few hours of work each day, you’ll be given accommodation and meals. Plus, you’ll likely find that you’re experiencing a destination that you would otherwise have been unable to visit.

How to Spend Extended Periods Abroad

Buy a Second Home

It takes a lot of effort to prepare for a trip. One of the reasons why you might not spend extended periods abroad is because you’re not sure if you’ll like the destination. One way to get around this issue is to keep visiting a place that you know you love.

If you can afford to buy a second home in your favorite destination, then you’ll be more likely to spend extended periods of time there. All you’ll need to do is hop on a plane, and then, when you’re there, you can sink into comfort for as long as you like.


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