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Interior Design Hacks For The Busy Moms

Being a mom is the most difficult job in the world. Every day can be an endless battle against trying to keep things at home in order while ensuring that your kids are well taken care of. Don’t worry, mom. You’ve got this. You can’t make your life perfect but you can surely make it easier. Check out these interior design hacks for busy moms like you.

Interior Design Hacks For The Busy Moms

Have Fun With Decor and Textiles

You’re spending most of your days at home so it’s just fitting that you make it your “happy place.” Decor and textiles make beautiful additions to your home.

Fabric instills a sense of coziness and calmness, making your place homier. They also come in an enormous richness of colors, sizes, types, and patterns to suit every need.

Feel free to experiment on textures but don’t overdo the colors. You still want to make your home decor cohesive.

Make Your Home Easy to Clean

Cleaning can take lots of your time, energy, and yes – patience. Luckily, there are hacks to make your home easier to manage. Here are some of the most effective:

  • Choose washable wall paints that are easy to clean. Pick the right finish for high-traffic areas.
  • Go for rugs that are easy to wash, and fabrics that you can just throw into the washing machine.
  • The next time you decide to renovate your home, particularly your flooring, consider stained concrete with a protective sealer. The minimal seams and nonporous seal makes it a lot easier to sweep or mop. Hardwood floors & sheet vinyl flooring make a good option.
  • Consider vinyl wall coverings that are incredibly easy to clean.
  • Choose upholstery and fabrics that are durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

Choose the Right Furniture

Stains are every mom’s toughest enemy. Thankfully, choosing the right furniture can help you avoid frustrating stains.

When it comes to stain resistance, nothing beats leather. It’s the “king” because you can simply wipe it off clean. Plus, it will withstand most stains. Leather couches and seats are ideal for households with kids or messy mates.

Other great options include vinyl, contract-grade fabric, microfiber, and casters. As to colors, lighter-colored furniture is harder to clean so you may want to favor darker shades.

Gather Ideas From Your Family Members

Creating a home that’s easy to clean and organize can be challenging so seek help whenever you can. You will definitely need new ideas and suggestions to make things go faster. Try not to resolve things on your own. You already have lots on your plate, mom.

Ask your family members. They surely would want to help. You can even ask for tips and suggestions from your friends.

Keep Things Minimal

The idea is simple. The less stuff you have at home, the less you need to declutter. Cleaning is already enough of a chore, but having to clean around things you no longer need or find joy from (as Konmari puts it), makes cleaning the house much more stressful.

Keep things minimal, especially in bedrooms. You should also invest in multifunctional furniture that serves as extra storage when not in use.

Make Gardening Less of a Chore

Halve the time you spend in the garden by opting for easy-to-maintain indoor plants like aloe vera, peace lily, and snake plants. They don’t need much caring, and you won’t even need to water them daily.

Lavender makes a nice option too. Just place it in a sunny area in your home, such as by the window. The scent of lavender is so therapeutic and is scientifically proven to alleviate stress.

Reuse What You Already Own

You don’t need a lot of things to have a happy life. Instead of buying so much stuff for your home that will, later on, turn into clutter, choose to reuse items you already have.

For example, if you have plenty of shoeboxes that haven’t been touched for several years or months, consider turning them into storage boxes.

With a few things like craft paper, glue, scissors, and some markers, you’ll have plenty of DIY storage boxes for your kids’ activity materials, accessories, and other stuff.

Use Murals, Wall arts

Paintings and wall arts make wonderful decor for homes. If you’re bored of staring at your blank walls and would like to give them personality, murals and paintings are the way to go.

Making DIY wall art is a lot easier on your wallet too. You can even ask your little ones to join in on the fun. If you’re not a fan of colorful murals, you can pick one color but add different textures.

Use Wallpaper – Easy Than Painting

An alternative to paintings and murals is the use of wallpaper. It’s an incredibly easy way to breathe some life into your home.

With numerous wallpaper designs available these days, you’ll most likely find the design that fits your room and personality. Wallpaper is a perfect addition to your kids’ room too. Your little ones will surely enjoy the pops of colors, shapes, and figures on their walls.

DIY and Crafts With the Help of Children

Some of the best home decorations are those you made from scratch. DIY crafts are fun and therapeutic, so you definitely want to get the kids involved.

  • Check out these easy DIY crafts you can do at home with your little ones:
  • Door wreaths made of dried flowers and twigs.
  • DIY jellyfish hanging decors made of paper plates and yarn. Use glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint for the paper plates for some illuminating effects.
  • DIY tissue box monsters.
  • DIY paper bead necklaces. Use colorful strips of paper from magazine clippings or newsprint.

Lighten Up Your Space

Choosing the right lighting fixtures is important. Go for LED bulbs that are energy-efficient and make sure you’re getting the right size for each room.

As much as possible, you want natural light in. Instead of blinds, opt for curtains made of light, see-through fabrics. Lastly, add some accent lights. They’re a great way to add coziness to a room.


Most moms have a tough time managing homes. Thankfully, designing your home doesn’t have to add to your stress levels.

With these ideas, you can create a cleaner, more organized, and more beautiful home with less effort.


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