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Motivate Yourself to Stay Fit for the Holidays

You want to have the dream body. You want to be stronger, tougher, leaner. You want to have a stamina that lasts. The only problem is that you hate exercise and lack the motivation to get going! You can’t be fit without putting some effort in so if you aren’t doing anything now, we need to address the reasons why. Fitness isn’t about doing any one particular sport and you don’t have to follow a certain lifestyle to get there. The trick is to figure out a way to make small changes that motivate you to move in the right direction. Here’s how to motivate yourself to stay fit for the upcoming holidays.


Do Fun Fitness Activities

The first way to stay fit for the upcoming holidays is to do fun fitness activities. If you’re not having fun when you work out, you’re not going to bother again. Why? Because the pain of working out is too much and the promise of a fitter, faster body doesn’t come quick.


With this in mind, you need to make your workout more fun. Try alleviating the boredom of doing the same thing over and over again by trying Crossfit Gym or join a class that entertains you such as dance or hoop. If you’re a competitive type, a game is probably more up your street. Alternatively, if you are more adventurous, why not try SCUBA diving or mountain climbing?


Any activity that builds your strength, flexibility and stamina is good for your fitness so even if you are simply putting more effort into housework or dancing around your living room, all activity counts. And if you haven’t found the right activity yet, try something new!


Find Workout Buddies

Working out with a friend is ideal because it turns the activity into a social opportunity and gives you time to connect. Having a friend to work out with also means that you have someone to hold you accountable and encourage you to go every week. A workout buddy will get you going, boost your mood and share your achievements.


If you don’t have a go-to workout buddy, don’t worry. Going to classes is a great way to make new friends and you’d be surprised how many of your colleagues might be up for doing a workout together. Alternatively, hiring a personal trainer might help to get the ball rolling and give you even more motivation to get fit.


Mix It Up!

Changing up your workout is the best way to avoid boredom and motivate yourself to keep going. It’s also essential as you need to work various parts of your body as well as build up different aspects of your fitness.


Mixing up your workout is also a good way to vary the intensity of what you do. You can’t run a marathon every day so doing one high intensity sport followed by something a little more gentle, such as yoga or pilates, is a good idea. This will give your body time to recover while working on your flexibility and easing your muscles in the process.

Photo by Andre Morgan from Pexels

If you really want to motivate yourself for staying fit during the holidays, though, you have to know what you’re aiming for. Create small wins along the way to your goal but keep your eyes on the prize.


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  1. These are all great ideas. It is good to join a workout group so that you can stay motivated.

    1. I love workout groups — I am not a just go to the gym kind of person anymore.. unless I am held to it, I won’t go

  2. This blog is making me think a little more about getting a season ski pass this year. I always struggle to stay active when it is cold.

    1. That’s awesome! I wish I knew how to ski but then again, idk if I would like it… I hate being cold!

  3. Such great goals! I always find myself choosing between workouts and sleep in the last 2 months of the year. I try to mix it up by squeezing shorter workouts into my day, even if it’s a few quick brisk walks.

    1. Right? It is so unfair that that is what we have to choose between. Yes, even like 20 minutes a day can really help!

    1. Thank you! We always try to make it easy for our audience to know what exactly to get and for who!

  4. Oh! I badly need this motivation. The holidays haven’t started but I have been neglecting going to the gym. I guess it’s time to have a fitness buddy as an accountable partner. Thank you so much for these tips.

  5. Having a gym buddy or group of friends to workout with is really encouraging as you wake up each day looking forward to see them and do routines together while enjoying their company.

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