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5 Needed Wellness Therapies for Kids and Adults

Throughout the years, life takes a toll on us, and even on our children! There are therapies out there that will be able to help the both of you that don’t just involve talking. Here are five needed wellness therapies that can help you and your kids out immensely,

Throughout the years, life takes a toll on us, and even on our children! Here's 5  wellness therapies that can help you & your kids.


Acupuncture isn’t only for adults. Of course it’s mostly adults that book acupuncture treatments and arguably benefit more from them; after all what stresses and strains do kids have that this ancient wellness treatment can remedy? But in truth, acupuncture can benefit children just as much as adults.

Acupuncture is the practice of putting small needles into the body at specific locations along the body’s energy lines. These needles help to release energy that’s been blocked through mental and emotional lifestyles. Releasing the energy makes you feel good and helps heal physical and emotional issues.

acupunture for family

Singing Bowl Sound Therapy

Some children might be put off by the idea or the sensation of needles in their skin. For that matter, many adults might be put off as well. If this is the case consider an alternative to acupuncture, such as singing bowl sound therapy. This is the ideal way to rebalance your system in the springtime.

Singing bowl sound therapy is perfect for children. It is completely non-intrusive and enjoyable. You and your child will lay on a therapy bed and listen to the sing and chime of special bowls. The bowls are played by a therapist and tuned to a special frequency for relaxation and healing.

sound therapy

Chiropractor Back Work

Like adults, children have back problems. The back happens to be a very vulnerable part of the body, mainly because it holds so much of the body’s weight and the base of the spine. However, vertebrae canals pop out of place on both children and adults causing sore backs and long term issues.

To avoid back problems it’s recommended that you visit a Chiropractor regularly to get checked up and resolve any issues. A good chiropractor will realign your spine and address any issues you may have with joints. This treatment is especially good for growing children whose backs need to be properly coordinated.


Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is also a treatment that is beneficial for both children and adults. Usually, this type of massage is carried out by an experienced professional with lots of experience working with different body types. The massage can be short or long depending on your needs and you can also request different levels of strength.

A deep tissue massage is designed to relieve tension that builds up in the body’s muscles without your knowledge. You may simply feel stressed and out of sorts but not know why. The best response is to investigate using holistic therapies such as a deep tissue massage.

massage therapy

Yoga Exercise

While yoga is not exactly a treatment or therapy it is beneficial to your body and mind in the same sort of way. Yoga is an ancient life science designed to harmonize your body and mind and free up your energy.

Yoga is also excellent for children and easy to set up or attend. Children are very flexible because their joints are still developing. If they start yoga early they will create supple joints and limbs that will help them gain more benefits from yoga in adulthood.

yoga exercises


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