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New Mom Fashion: How To Dress Comfortably But Stylish

Welcoming a new family member is a true miracle. It is utterly worth enduring back pain, endless sleepless nights, gaining extra weight and not fitting into your skinny jeans during pregnancy. However, after you have welcomed your new little bundle of joy, many new moms are eager to get back into shape. Unfortunately, it does take a lot of time and effort to achieve that, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wear pregnancy clothes. Here are some fabulous ideas on how to dress cozily after giving birth.

Add some dazzling accessories

Let’s kick off with a few basic but extremely stylish tips. Wearing statement accessories has always been fashionable. If you put a pair of stunning earrings, many people will immediately notice that rather then your postpartum weight. What is more, layering is also a great way to cover your belly fat, so put some modern scarf. Wearing a scarf is not only a fantastic way to hide your belly but a luxurious element that can single out your face and beauty. You can even add a few dashing bling-bling around your neck, like a shiny silver necklace or a one-of-a-kind chain. With a few dazzling details, you will make everybody focus on how those accessories make you stand out from the crowd.


The black magic
black outfit

No matter if your timid post-baby belly or your rear end is plumper than usual, the black color can do magic. Wearing clothes in black can create a sense of illusion, which is perfect if you simply want to tuck in that postpartum weight. Every lump and bump can be fantastically disguised by black color. The most splendid thing is that you can wear dresses, tunics, legging, jumpers and so on. Whatever piece of clothing in black you choose, your body would seem longer. Only add a patterned scarf, stylish bag, or flawless heel to break up the single color. If you don’t prefer this dark color, you can go for navy blue, dark brown or charcoal gray.


Focus on coziness and glamour

Don’t be mistaken, but you can undoubtedly look luxurious after giving birth. The most comfortable and flattering piece of clothing after pregnancy would be a dress. Combine an emerald green long dress with white cardigan which creates an effect of a slimmer waist, or a comfy striped dress. If you wish to prioritize comfort, even more, you can wear a dress with adjustable wrap skirt with ruffles which you can find at many online stores such as Maiden Avenue. All in all, the most important thing is to wear clothes that look gorgeous on you, for instance, tops that skim but not squeeze or bottoms that follow the curve of your hips.

The perfect covers

Hide your postpartum belly by showing off a little bit of skin. Styles wide necklines or off-the-shoulder cuts are ideal when you want to point out a different part of your body. There is also some other well-known trick. Wear more sweaters and cardigans that look nearly as a coat. Those type of clothing are getting into fashion this winter and they are brilliant chic figure-hiders. Or how about a stylish belt? Wide belts can automatically help give your waist definition. You can wear one over the previously mentioned long tunic or cardigan, and you will both hide all the baby fat and look ravishing. Even oversized jackets and sweaters are trendy this year. You don’t need to rush into getting back into shape because even by wearing oversized clothes you would look like you have stepped down a runway.


Take it easy

Once you have entered a new chapter of your life, it is perfectly alright if you want to spend more time with your little one and not have to worry about clothes. Embrace the time you can spend together and opt for more comfortable clothes while you are at home. Ditch the jeans, because you probably won’t be able to wear them for a certain time, and wear cozy leggings or tunics. Also, forget about lose rise pants because they are rather unflattering. Next, try not to stand too long on high heels for some time. Even if you absolutely adore them, after giving birth they might cause you pain and imbalance. Wear clothes that fit you now, and you would feel enchanting and satisfying.

The main point is to feel completely yourself. Being a mom is a full-time job, so you should focus more on getting that job right, everything else will fit accordingly.



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