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Prenatal Care: Steps to a Healthier You and Baby

Prenatal care is an essential step towards a healthy pregnancy. Expecting mothers go through several changes, both emotionally and physically, and it is of utmost importance to take good care of their health, for a smooth pregnancy experience. Prenatal care is a way to ensure a healthy pregnancy, both for the mother and baby. From making choices that best suit your body and the life that you’re carrying in your womb, to scheduling regular visits to the doctor—prenatal care is a holistic approach towards effortless birthing of your baby and stress-free pregnancy.

Let’s dive briefly into a few crucial steps for exceptional prenatal care—  


Appointment with Obstetrician or Midwife

It goes without saying, the relationship with your obstetrician and midwife will be really important during your pregnancy. From your first appointment post your pregnancy confirmation to scheduling regular visits for a routine checkup, it will become an integral part of your life for the coming nine months. Your midwife will be your mentor, dietician and in most cases, a friend by your side. Choosing the right doctor to care for you during your pregnancy is one of the most important aspects to consider.


Eating Habits

Prenatal care requires you to eat a healthy and balanced diet. The holistic approach to your diet will not only help you stay fit, but it will also provide ample nourishment and required nutrients to your baby. Craving for a particular food during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon, however, it is advisable to be vigilant and only give in to your cravings every now and then to maintain your health. The best option is to get a diet chart from your doctor and have a conversation about your food cravings.


Pregnancy Massage

A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy, prenatal massage is a great way to help a mother effortlessly experience the bodily changes in her body. Any pain and aches related to pregnancy have the potential to give you sleepless nights for days at a stretch. Experts at Bodytonic Clinic in London are certified pregnancy massage therapists, known for their expertise and experience. Prenatal massage helps reduce anxiety and stress. It also helps to improve blood circulation, as well as ease the swelling in the arms and legs. Prenatal massage is a natural way to deal with body changes, body aches, swelling and so much more during pregnancy.

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Cutting Down on Toxicity

Toxicity has many forms—being around it to ingesting it, you must avoid it at all costs. Be around people who are positive, loving and caring. Go out for nature walks and spend time around a lake or sea, if possible. Most importantly cut down on toxicity of any form, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine or drugs in any way. Any type of toxic substance will lead to harming your baby. You are a life-giver, act like one.


Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise during pregnancy is excellent for both you and baby. Exercising regularly during prenatal care will help you keep your weight in check, although it’s normal to put on some weight. Exercising will also help reduce bad posture, joint pain and reduce weight quickly post-pregnancy. Also, exercising regularly during pregnancy will help control high blood pressure. Yoga, swimming, brisk walking are great ways to exercise your body during pregnancy.


Connect with Self and Nature

It is believed; a woman is at her intuitive best during her pregnancy. A beautiful way to add value to your prenatal care is to begin a new lifestyle. You can start with joining a meditation group or merely taking a walk in nature or connecting with it in some other form that helps you to relax. It will not only uplift your mood, but it will also help you make a lasting bond with your unborn baby.


Prenatal care is not merely an act of caring for yourself during pregnancy, but an important aspect. To sum it up—take care of your appointments with your doctor or midwife, maintain healthy eating habits, opt for prenatal massage and relieve yourself of the stress, and understand your body changes. Exercise regularly and cut down on toxicity. Last but not least, connect with yourself on a deeper level and find a way to keep yourself grounded and happy. Your mood will directly affect the baby. Just breathe and be.


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