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5 Quick Tips to Support Your Health During the Winter

I’ve partnered with Procter & Gamble and Source Naturals as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Staying healthy during the long winter can be really hard to do. Especially if you have children or are a teacher! Being a 3rd-grade teacher and a kindergarten mom, that means that I am always sniffling.  But as teachers and moms, we need to stick together and try to stay healthy! The weather keeps changing and we have been traveling back and forth to sees family, so our immune systems are definitely run down. January is the perfect month to start changing and adjusting your lifestyle to focus more on being healthy. There are a few things that I am going to be doing this winter to stay healthy and I suggest you do them too! Here are my best ways to stay healthy during the long winter.

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Wash your hands!

Let’s start with the important one off the bat. Washing your hands, it the number one way to stay healthy during the winter. All of the germs that are going around, washing those hands is the first step in the right direction. Many times, we try to replace washing hands with hand sanitizer but that doesn’t work as well as using soap. No matter how much you disinfect or how much you wipe down everything in your office, classroom or home, washing your hands will help to stay healthy.


Take your Supplements & Probiotic

Another great supplement that I have found is Source Naturals. Source Naturals is a daily supplement that I take to support my immune system, especially during this super cold winter and everyday stress of my job! It has helped me so handle the germs and lack of sunlight over here in the Pacific Northwest.

A great way to stay healthy this winter is to find a probiotic and stick with it. A great supplement
that you can start taking is the  Align Dualbiotic Gummy.  The Align Dualbiotic Gummy, 54 Count, comes in a gummy form and easy to chew. It is also super easy to find in the Probiotic section at your local Walmart. What I do is I leave it next to my coffee so when I start the coffee machine, I just take the supplement while I wait for it to make. This makes it easy to remember and helps me stay on top of my health. They contain a prebiotic fiber, inulin, that helps nourish the good bacteria in your digestive system.*

Did you know that they make gummies for kids too? This would be something to take advantage of. I know my daughter likes to copy everything that I do, so why not mimic me taking a supplement? Align also has some choices in products too to fit your needs. They have daily wellness products and digestive support. If you are someone who has a lot of stomach issues, it is worth it to check these out and see if they can help you too. Support a healthy gut with great tasting, easy to chew gummies.

staying healthy during the winter


Stock up on wellness supplies

Another great way to stay healthy this winter is to stock up on your essential wellness supplies. Between myself and my daughter, we are always taking some sort of vitamin or supplement to help support our immune systems. Some of my favorite products are Vicks VapoCOOL SEVERE Drops 45ct., they work wonders for a sore throat. They contain menthol, which is a powerful numbing agent that tackles sore throat pain fast. When you have a sore throat and are coughing, you want these.

These drops are imperative to have because when a cough comes on, you need them to help you through the day. I usually keep these in my bag with me or my desk in my classroom.  I also keep Metamucil Fiber Thins at home as well. Along with staying healthy, I am also trying to get back into shape after all of the holiday indulging we did. Their Fiber Thins are the perfect treat. These come with me in my bag since they come in little packs of two.

fiber thins to help stay healthy during the winter



Stay home

As a teacher, I tell this to my students ALL of the time. However, I usually tend to believe that it doesn’t apply to me! But it is actually very important to you and your family that you stay home and rest. After the craziness of the holidays, staying home more often is also very appealing too. Not only will you save yourself from being out in the cold and catching germs, but you’ll also save yourself money.


Drink Tea

Finally, drinking tea is another way to stay healthier this long winter. I could never replace coffee with tea, but I could definitely drink tea later at night. Antioxidants in green tea can help you to burn fat as fuel. It can also help with muscle endurance. Most importantly, drinking tea can help reduce the risk of a heart attack. So why not drink some tea daily? You don’t have to just drink it when you’re sick or not feeling well, add some to your daily routine.


Final thoughts

We know that these suggestions can help you get yourself and family through the long winter months. Do you want more suggestions for health during the winter? We’ve got you covered! Walmart has a great site that provides a list of all of the products that you will need to stay healthy during the winter months! Find out here: www.WalmartHealthSupport.com
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”
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  1. Love the stock up on wellness supplies bit! I finally was ahead of the game and did that this year. Would you believe that now that I have everything nobody has gotten sick, lol!

  2. Yes, more people need to stay home when they are sick! This is huge! Another couple things I’d add to your post would be Vitamin D3 (preferably one with added Vitamin K2), and eating 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

  3. It is so important to keep up with our health during the cold and flu season. I’ll have to add some of your tips to my routine!

  4. I always swear by a good probiotic! Remembering to wash hands frequently is so important too!


    1. so important!! sometimes we think we can replace it with hand sanitizer but it’s not the same.

  5. The winter time is where i definitely do not take care of myself like i should. But with these tips and remaining consistent . Everything is possible

  6. Thank you for your tips, it is always better to prevent and feel good and healthy. Unfortunately, I didn´t took it seriously till I got a flu.

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