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6 Tips for Self-Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can take a toll on our body and our emotions. It does not matter if it’s our first pregnancy or our fourth each pregnancy is different too. Each brings about new challenges and obstacles to overcome.

It is extremely important during pregnancy to treat ourselves well. This means eating healthy for ourselves and the baby, staying active, and doing what we need for physical and emotional rest.

Self-care is very important to consider, here are some wonderful self-care tips during pregnancy.





Get Rest

Allowing yourself rest while pregnant isn’t always the easiest task, especially when you already have kids, but it is definitely vital to help you keep up energy. Take naps during the day if you’re able. Sit when you’re given a chance and put your feet up.


Stay Active

Rest is important but staying active is too. Keep up any exercise regimen you’re able. This could simply be walks, but there are also many places with maternity swimming, yoga, and other fitness classes.


Take Time to Just Relax

It can be easy to get caught up in everything that needs to be done before baby is born. Make a priority list and remember that even if it’s not “perfect” by the standards you were hoping for all baby needs is you. Take time to relax from stress and pressure to get things done and let it all workout in its own time. Stress is not healthy for mom or baby.


Take a Bath

A relaxing, warm bath can be just what you need to relax aching muscles during pregnancy. The only thing to consider when bathing during pregnancy is it can be harmful if the water is too hot. Avoid soaking in water that is hot enough to raise your body temperature. Do not soak in hot tubs or Jacuzzis.


Eat Well

It can be so easy to get caught up in “eating for two” and cravings. I do not feel you must deprive yourself of those indulgences you wish to have, like a cheeseburger or ice cream, but the healthier we eat the better we feel. This also includes drinking lots of water. Eating well is also important after birth if you plan to breastfeed.


Pamper Yourself

Go out to eat with your spouse, get a massage, do your nails, do what makes you feel calm and relaxed.

The most important thing to remember during pregnancy is that if you have worries, questions or concerns, it’s always best to stay in constant contact with your OB or midwife.



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