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Stop with the Excuses and Change Your Life

We all deserve to live the life we truly want to, but so many of us settle for less because we’re scared or we don’t think we can really achieve our goals. We make excuses -lots of them – to keep us in our comfort zone where nothing bad will happen, and although we might never live the life we’ve dreamed of, we’ll be comfortable enough.

It’s time to change that; it’s time to stop with the excuses and start changing your life for the better, right now. Here’s how to do that…

It’s time to change your life. Stop with the excuses and start changing your life for the better, right now. Here’s how to do that…

Forget past failures

One of the reasons we make excuses not to do stuff is because we’ve tried and failed similar feats in the past. So, it makes sense that, if you want to stop making excuses and start living your best life, you need to stop dwelling on past failures. The past is the past and it has absolutely no bearing on the now. Let it go and start really living.


Take charge of your health

Whether it’s getting more comfortable hearing aids that will enable you to pursue your career in music or losing weight so you can finally trek the Appalachian trail, if it is your health that is setting you back, talk to your healthcare professional and see what you can do to either improve your health or make modifications to it so you can change your life and reach your goals.


Get an accountability buddy

 When it comes to changing your life, you are fr more likely to succeed if you are accountable to someone, not just yourself. It’s easy to make excuses, no matter how lame, to yourself, but when you say them out loud to another person, they often sound stupid, and that other person, if they care about you, won’t let you get away with using them; they will spur you ion to do better and achieve more and that can only be a good thing.

Never underestimate the value of support in all areas of your life. Making significant life changes requires support, especially if you are trying to kick an addiction. When it comes to the family role in addiction recovery, there is surmountable evidence that this support can make all the difference in staying sober.

Stop with the Excuses and Change Your Life

Do it anyway

Even if you think you have a genuine excuse unless it really would be threatening to your health or your life, what’s the harm in trying it anyway? Sure, you might find that the excuse was valid and what you wanted to do really wasn’t possible, but then again you might not and you might find that your excuse really was just an excuse. If you’re serious about changing your life, sometimes you just have to take action, it really is that simple.


Practice gratitude

When you practice gratitude – focusing on the things that are good in your life – your whole mindset gradually starts to shift and you naturally find yourself making fewer excuses and looking at everything in a more positive light. This can often be enough to get you on the path you want to be on – the path that enables you to change your life once and for all.


If excuses were actions, we would all be living our best lives, but they are not, so it’s time to give them up and start changing your life for the better, starting right now.



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