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Summer Hats for Women – Everything You Need to Know!

The summer season requires you to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from sun rays. Wearing a hat will add style along with protection to the face. Women’s wide brim hat is best for women who have oval-shaped faces. Wide brim hats like canvas are the best option for an afternoon date. A lampshade wide, bro, the hat is best for beach vacations. A stylish brim hat with trendy outfits might make your spring and summer season memorable. Apart from simple wide-brim hats, there are other options like colorful crochets and pleated raffia.

However, Wide brim hats have been used from time immemorial. They were in fashion in the 50s and 60s but gradually lost their value. Today choosing the correct is a challenge for shoppers. While selecting a hat, we have to consider several factors like the hat that can go with your daily outfits, hat for vacations, hat for dates, etc. You have to take the time to select a perfect hat that will suit your style and your face. A good fit and ideal style will give you confidence in wearing wide brim hats on regular bases.


Benefits of using wide brim hats

  • The radiation from ultraviolet rays is harmful to your skin. Thus, wide-brim hats are a practical and stylish method to protect the face, neck, and shoulder from UV rays.
  • Also, Wide brim hats provide the best face protection and sunscreen.
  • A hat with good material and air circulation is comfortable to wear. 

Which hat is best for you? 

However, there are various options of hats, let alone wide-brim While selecting a wide brim hat, you must consider your face shape and style. A face with a diamond shape needs a small brim hat, and a square or round face needs a wide brim hat with curves.

What to consider while buying a wide brim hat? 


  • Styles of hats

Wide brim hats have various colors. Select the brim hat according to your style and face shape.

  • Material of the hat

Also, Brim hats come in different materials. You can select the cap based on the material depending on the climate.

  • Budget

Select a hat that is budget-friendly. Of course, one that will not go with all your outfits, you will need several other hats for different occasions.

  • Color of the hat 

Choose a color that suits better with your skin tone. Choosing bright colors will make you look younger.

  • Confidence

Wearing a wide brim hat may be challenging for new hat lovers. Thus, wearing a brimmed hat with confidence will complement your looks.

Below are the best wide brim hats for you to consider this season: 

Of course, sunscreen plays there part very well in protecting your face from the harsh rays of the sun, but summer hats like beach hats or bucket hat provide shade to your face, irrespective of the fact that you are playing in the pool or walking on the beach, or just traveling. The best style to wear this summer season to protect your face is to wear wide-brim. This summer has several styles and colors. The wide brim hat has a classic vacation look with properties to save face, shoulders, and neck from heat and harmful sunrays. You can style palazzo with a wide brim hat; the wide brim hats go best with palazzo and body suits.

  • Wide brim hats with textures

Also, The hats have a texture with floppiness. New hat lovers will love these textured brim hat.

  • Wide-Brim Straw hats

However, Straw sun hats are the favorite of the masses. It is a traditional hat that everybody likes to wear irrespective of the occasion. The straw sun hat has frayed ends on the wide brim that will give you a light feel.

  • Wide brim hat with bow

However, The wide brim hat brings a chic look to your style or outfit. The bow on the hat brings a feminine look that will make you look younger and cheerful. So, if you are new to wide-brim, you can go with wide brim hats with a bow for feminine looks.

  • Wide brim icon hats

Also, Wide brim hats with light or bright colors are the best options for girls aged 18-30.


However, New hat lovers or not, a wise brim hat is the best option to try today. a Wide brim hat was in fashion in the 60s but recently gained favoritism among hat lovers. The stylish wide brim is grabbing the attention of other masses. The wide brim is the most considerable option to try this summer season; it goes well with office outfits, vacation outfits, and date outfits. A hat is an essential style you should adopt because it will enhance your style and confidence. Go ahead and check out the interesting collections today.



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  1. I’ve tried a few different hats and you are right. I have a round fave and I need one with curves.

  2. Just in time to have come across with this post as I am on a hunt for a wide brim hat for our beach trip. I’m so excited to shop for a hat and I’ll take this tips into consideration. Very informative post.

  3. Great info! I have been thinking of picking up a new summer hat for when we are in the pool to help keep the sun off my face and neck.

  4. I love these hats, but the problem I have with them is where and how to store them afterwards. I had a beautiful one that got crushed when we moved. Any ideas on how to store them would be great.

  5. I have always struggled with hats. These are all good points to consider when choosing one. I am trying to be better about sun protection and it would be good to have a better sun hat.

  6. This is interesting. I had no idea there so many type of hats. I am not really particular but I think I would love hats with textures or perhaps the one with a bow. Will pay more attention next time in choosing one.

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