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How to Survive Lunchtime with a Picky Toddler

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Picky toddlers make everything tougher than it needs to be! Lunchtime as a mom can be a tricky beast! Sometimes our children are so tired by lunchtime that they don’t want to sit down and eat, they don’t want to eat what you made them, they literally hate everything that get in their way. We moms need a plan of attack when it comes to lunchtime.

But what? When did eating become so hard? This should not be a World War between the kitchen and the table. Lunchtime should be a relaxing and calm time right before the sacred nap time. Not only is your toddler a picky eater but throw in tired and picky, good luck to you mom!

How can we prevent a World War from happening during this time? I have 3 mom hacks that can help you survive lunchtime with a picky toddler.

1. Colorful plates with compartments.

The Nuby Sure Miracle Grip Miracle Mat comes in all fun shapes and sizes with different compartments to separate types of food for your toddler. Having a colorful and different texture plate will hopefully be used as a distraction for the initial sitting at the table to eat. When there are other items that kiddos can focus on instead of how much they don’t want to eat or that they don’t want to eat the food you are giving them, this will help be a distraction. This product is BPA and PVC free.



2. Use a Wonder Cup for a fun drink.

A 360 Wonder Cup from Nuby helps in times of crankiness with having no spills. This is very important during lunch time to try to avoid cleaning up big messes and changing any clothing before nap time. The less mess, the less hassle. You can pick a fun design and they can pick a fun drink to put into it for their lunch. This cup is also made out of tough, durable tritan plastic so it will withstand any toddler tantrums. It is also BPA free.



3. Fresh Dessert

Nuby created this amazing product Garden Fresh Freezer Trays. These are an excellent end to lunch time! My daughter will take anything that even looks like an ice pop! We have began blending up bananas and strawberries and freezing them for my daughter to eat. She will never know the difference! Serious mom hack. The great thing about this tray is that it is non-stick, so you won’t be standing in the kitchen trying to yank the ice pop out of the freezer tray. This product is also BPA free.



Do you want to see more amazing baby products? Check out Nuby’s sites:






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