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8 Swimwear Do’s And Don’ts That You Should Follow

Swimwear is something that every woman needs to invest in. Imagine the summer months without having some gorgeous bathing suits to wear! You can’t survive without them because you will definitely go swimming several times during the season. And you will need them even more if you plan a beach vacation this year. Buying and wearing swimsuits is, however, easier said than done. There are several dos and don’ts that you must follow to ace the swimsuit look. Let us list them for you.


Do buy according to your body type

Every time you buy swimwear, make sure that you shop according to your body type. It is always easier for slimmer women because they can carry almost every style with ease. On the other hand, picking the right one needs a lot of thinking if you are plus-sized. Opt for one-piece suits in darker shades if you want to hide the extra flab on your body. Look for flattering fits because you will be able to handle even a revealing piece if it fits well.


Do try before you buy

If a bathing suit looks great on your friend or favorite celebrity, don’t expect it to be equally good for you. As a rule of thumb, buy a swimsuit only after trying it because it may not look as good as you think it will. If you are buying from a store, you can seek advice from their stylists. On the other hand, check the return and exchange policy of the website if you are buying online. Also, remember that all brands do not size the same way. So don’t pick according to numbers.


Do follow the trends

Another swimwear fashion rule that you must follow is to wear the latest trends. Whether it is about colors, cuts or patterns, consider the trending options before stocking them up in your wardrobe. Do have a good look at what you have at the beginning of the summer and give your collection a revamp if needed. Buy sexy bathing suits in neon shades, animal prints, and graphic patterns to stay on top of the trends. At the same time, do own some timeless classics such as a basic black one-piece suit.

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Do invest in quality fabrics

It is easy to be smitten by beautiful colors and gorgeous styles when you buy bathing suits. But even the best one will not look good if made out of cheap fabric. Some fabrics become too revealing when they get wet. So do check it before buying because you would not want to stand out for all the wrong reasons. Also, make sure that the fabric is durable and quick-drying.


Don’t reveal too much

With swimsuits, it is easy to look super hot if you feel bold enough to carry high-cut thighs and plunging necklines. But even while you love sexy swimming suits, prioritize your comfort and confidence. Do not reveal too much because you may end up gathering unwanted attention. Remember that you should look sensuous, not vulgar.


Don’t be afraid to experiment 

When it comes to flaunting swimwear, experimentation is the key. If you have never worn a vibrant orange or green, shed your inhibitions and wear them this season. Try to be creative with the pieces you own and mix and match for easy beach dressing within budget. For example, you can team up a pair of short shorts with a cute bikini top that complements it. 

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Don’t forget support if you are full-busted

Full-busted women should not forget support while buying and wearing swimwear. Look for adjustable straps and wide bands because they will keep things in place even while you have fun in the water. Buying a size too loose or tight is another mistake that you must absolutely avoid. Ill-fitting pieces do not give you the support that you need to wear swimsuits with confidence.


Don’t wear the same size year after year

One of the mistakes that women make with swimwear is wearing the same size year after year, just as they do with their undergarments. Do measure yourself accurately every time you buy a new bathing suit because even a few inches here and there can affect the fit. If you do plan to buy a piece or two every season, don’t forget to buy the ones that are perfectly sized.

Following these dos and don’ts while shopping and wearing bathing suits will definitely help you ace your summer look. Make sure that you stick to them and look like a fashion icon when you step out on the beach!


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