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3 Fun Ways to Enjoy the Summer Before Back to School

The summer months always goes faster than any other month in all twelve of them. When summer comes to an end, it means that back to school is happening. The time you spend with your kiddos every day will lessen and homework will take its roll back in the evenings. The best way to deal with this is to make a list of all the things you still can enjoy together as a family before school starts again. Here are 3 fun ways to enjoy the summer break before back to school.

The best way to enjoy the end of summer is finding fun ways to spend with the family. Here's 3 fun ways to enjoy the summer break before back to school.

Host a Disney Party!

To begin, who doesn’t love Disney? If your child has a summer birthday, having a Disney party is the best choice. Between the many choices and the exciting supplies that Disney offers for each of their parties, it is a great way to end the summer! Below, we threw a Princess Elena party with all of my teacher friends and their children, and we had a wonderful time! Not only did we have decorations, a piñata, a great lunch, and lots of treats, we were able to spend time together while the kids played.

This was one of the best ways for kids (and mamas) to enjoy the summer break before back to school! We were able to show off our Minnie Pillow Pet, Little Mermaid doll from Jakks Pacific Toys, make a delicious Lasagna with Meat Sauce from Michael Angelo’s, and a yummy Popcorn Cake from Popped Passion! Everyone had a lot of fun, the kids were entertained, and the adults got to talk! Thanks Disney for setting up these amazing Disney Playdate parties!


Go camping

Another fun way to enjoy the summer before school starts is to bring the family camping.  Whether you have a camper or not, being able to go out into the woods with a tent or RV with the family is a great bonding time. Being in the open outdoors with no cell phone service gives you and your family some great bonding time. Playing a classic board game, coloring together, going on a hike, or bike riding into the nearest town would be a fun way to spend one of the days camping. If there is a river near by, grab some fishing gear and get out on the river!

Photo by Xue Guangjian from Pexels


Get out on the water

Last but not least, another fun way to enjoy the summer break before back to school is to get out on the water. There are so many ways for you and your family to enjoy being outside on the water. Find which one is best for you. Remember, there aren’t too many times in a year, unless you live in a warm climate all year long, that you can go out on the water. Rent a boat, go kayaking, grab a paddle board, go swimming, find a water park. There are so many fun and exciting ideas that you can enjoy on the water. Whether you live near a lake, river, ocean or community pool, take advantage of the time you can spend on the water.


Photo by Juan Salamanca from Pexels


Final thoughts

Even though summer is coming to an end, there are a ton of ways to enjoy summer before going back to school. These are just a few ways for you and your family to enjoy the ending days of the summer vacation. Make the most of your family time and spend it together.


I’ve received free products in order to host a #NowMoreThanEver playdate party. The opinions expressed here are my own. 

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