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Why Swimming is the Ultimate Exercise for Working Moms

The pool is one of the best places to be to escape the summer heat. If you know the secrets, then you can also use the pool to get the summer body of your dreams. Swimming in the pool is one of the best exercises for your body because it uses virtually all of your muscle groups. Additionally, there are specialized exercises that you can perform in the pool that will help your body to get in the best shape that it has ever been.

This piece will discuss the health benefits of using a pool to get into shape as well as the science that proves those facts. We will also explore custom pools that are specially designed for specific, exercise related, purposes.


Why is Swimming Such a Good Exercise?

Metabolism Booster

One of the biggest reasons that swimming is such an effective exercise is that it increases your metabolism. The U.S National Library of Medicine considers swimming an effective way to raise heart rate and boost metabolism. Swimming for one hour a day can burn approximately 500 calories, according to Active.com. It also increases your metabolism which leads to decreased body fat, enhanced muscle building, and better fat burning.

This fact makes swimming one of the most efficient exercises that you can perform. If you are pressed for time, as most of us are, swimming is a good way to fit a lot of exercise in a small window of time.

Less Likely to Cause Injuries

Swimming is a very low, virtually no, impact exercise, according to WebMD. That means that it is very gentle on your joints. This leads to very few injuries and less minor aches and pains that can occur from running, weight lifting, etc.

This means that swimming is appropriate for all ages, body types, and fitness levels. It is a great exercise for people who are obese but people who are at an elite fitness level can get a great workout in the pool as well.


Aerobic Benefits

As mentioned above, swimming is a low impact exercise. However, it is one of the most aerobically beneficial exercises that exists. Swimming increases your lung’s capacity as effectively as running. It is also good for heart health and helps to regulate cholesterol and blood sugar.


Other Water Exercises

Swimming laps are not the only pool-based exercises that can help you get into shape. Water provides a safe, consistent, resistance to any movement. This can help build muscle without the risk of injury. Water aerobics classes can show you a number of exercises that will build strong, lean, muscles.

The water’s resistance can be used to train for specific sports as well. Throwing a ball, swimming a bat, or jumping within the water, can be very effective training for football, baseball, or basketball. Essentially, whichever sport you play, you can develop an exercise to utilize the water’s resistance.


What Effect Does Swimming Have on Your Muscles?

In order for a muscle to grow, the muscle fibers must tear, and then rebuild themselves. In order to get the fibers to tear you must exert them against some sort of resistance. The water can provide this resistance and, depending on the exercises that you perform, stress your muscles to make them bigger and stronger.

The benefit of swimming over weight lifting, for bodybuilding purposes, is that the water resistance does not put too much stress on joints and connective tissue. Lifting weights can put too much stress on those parts and can cause injury. This rarely occurs as a result of swimming.


Is a Special Pool Required for Fitness Goals?

Swimming is a very versatile exercise. As long as you have a little pool space you can get a lot done. If you only have access to a small pool, then you can do more laps. This will give you the same benefit as swimming in an Olympic sized pool.

However, a specially designed pool can help you to get the most out of your exercise experience. There are a number of reputable pool sellers and installers that can help you to find out what kind of pool will be best for your goals. They can evaluate your space and budget to give you the personal pool in which you can reach your fitness goals.

The Dallas, Texas, area is home to many of these reputable contractors. If you are in the area you can research these companies and look at some of the work samples of custom pools in Dallas.

Your health is the most important thing in your life, swimming can be a very effective way to improve your quality of life.




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