The 10 Best Things to Do in Paris – 2020

Are you wondering what’s in the offing in Paris for 2020? Know well that there’s plenty to do this year in the French capital city, and make sure to keep up with its latest travel trends.


Here are the 10 best things to do in Paris in 2020:


Go off the usual path

This year, try going off the usual or frequented path in Paris. Live the life of a local in an under-explored neighborhood in the capital city, what with several home-stays and hip and boutique hostels having come up here.

Explore unique areas of Paris such as Canal Saint-Martin, La Villette with wide lawns, sculptures, a museum, and a cinema, and the City of Science and Industry featuring interactive displays.

On Paris’s eastern edge, you’ll find a pretty neighborhood packed with Asian markets, artistically decorated streets and modern yet modest bars.


Immerse yourself in “Immersive Art” 

One of the hottest tourist trends this year in the city is Immersive Art. It lets you be part of the art piece. You can walk directly inside it or communicate with it through varied media like sound, pictures, or even scents.

L’Atelier des Lumières, Paris’s earliest center of digital art, transformed from a 19th-century iron foundry, offers rare or unusual immersive art displays to everybody. It also holds the exemplary artworks of Vincent Van Gogh, a renowned Dutch artist.


Explore the city underground

Beyond the City of Lights that everyone sees and adores, an underground Paris exists as well. It is not less than 130 km of deserted tunnels and unrevealed sites running underneath its streets. Undoubtedly, underground Paris has plenty to explore.

Among the most-liked underground tours is the Paris’s Metro, hiding eighteen phantom stations, the Parisian Catacombs with piled-up skulls creating fascinating designs, La Petite Ceinture, a thirty-two-kilometer railroad line leading to underground tunnels, and a tour of the Sewer Museum to explore the city’s underground waterways.


Tour a French Chateau

France is famous for its large country houses called chateaus. They boast amazing architecture, lovely gardens, as well as an intriguing history behind. Chateaus make an excellent weekend getaway or even part of a day trip around Paris.

Château de Versailles, a palace formerly owned by monarchs like Louis Philippe showcases French history of more than 500 years. Almost matchless in opulence, the grand chateau lets you feel like royalty!

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Among the absolute showstoppers here, is the 240-feet-wide Galerie des Glaces, an elegant ballroom decorated with huge, vaulted mirrors, ornate statues, and brilliant chandeliers.

Indulge in Wine Tasting 

Your vacation stays in Paris won’t be complete without a glass of French wine. Beautiful and refreshing, French wine is famous worldwide, and what better way to learn about it than to take a wine tasting trip around Paris? Take a full-day trip to top-rated French wineries situated in the Loire Valley, just a two-hour drive from Paris.

Once you join a vineyard tour, you’d get not only to taste world-renowned varieties of French wine and buy some but also to learn about winemaking, wine storage, and serving basics of reds, rose, and whites.


Walk the car-free Promenade Plantée

This 4.5 kilometer, car-free, elevated nature walk crosses tunnels, moats, and long links between several other places of interest in the city, including the Bastille Square and the gigantic Bois de Vincennes Park. An excellent way to escape the city’s hassle without having to leave it!

Enjoy this out-of-the-ordinary walking spree, while taking in great views and Paris’s interesting heritage. The best time of the year to stroll on the Promenade Plantée is during summer, to dodge the soaring temperatures, and in the fall season for the leaves’ changing colors.


Tour the city with a kick scooter

It’s official now: the new Parisian trend of traveling in the city with adult electric kick scooters. You can use a foldable or portable electric push-scooter to simply enjoy in the city’s parks and streets.

If you’re required to cover large distances throughout the day, this scooter will certainly help you move from one place to another, and that too, in a fun way!

So, you don’t need to take the Metro or pedal a big-sized bicycle. What’s more, these scooters are light-weight and exceptionally compact, letting you travel almost everywhere in the city.


Enjoy a traditional Parisian meal at a bistro

What better place to savor a traditional meal than a trendy Parisian bistro! Yes, today, many of Paris’s traditional establishments have adopted bistronomy, a creative concept of food worthy of celebrated gourmet chefs.

Having redefined gastronomy, the fresh concept of bistronomy goes well with moderately-priced Parisian bistros.

You can enjoy conventional French recipes here. They are prepared with fresh, local products, such as beef bourguignon, terrines, and the ageless steak-frites complemented with pleasant wine. A bistro, besides being a place where you can eat and drink, is also a lively hangout to socialize while you relish the traditional cuisine.

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Revel in a quality cabaret 

A popular nightlife attraction in the city is the amazing Parisian cabarets. It makes for an entire night of entertainment, champagne, feasting, and the head-turning French can-can.

A Parisian cabaret typically features sexy dancers and spectacular acrobatics, offering you an all-evening extravaganza. Among the most popular Parisian cabarets, people love to watch Crazy Horse and a women-only show. Also, you must try the Moulin Rouge with a mythical theme and the trendier Lido Paris.


Explore the Christmas markets in December

You can have one of the most memorable Christmas vacations in Paris, what with the city’s countless Christmas markets giving off the festive vibes.

Every December, plenty of Christmas markets open here, with a line-up of wooden shanties selling Christmas tree decorations and handiwork.

They also sell hot mulled wine, traditional French items like souvenirs, chocolates, and cheese. On top of it, Parisian street food such as croissants, fondue, and French omelet is also available in the place. To add to the fun, the Parisian Christmas markets include winter-themed family activities like ice-skating.

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So, now you know what best to do in Paris in the present year. Take a carte du monde à gratter along because once you’re back home, it will refresh your memories of all the wonderful things you did in this beautiful city.


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