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The Featured Mommy: Dr Toni DDS

Describe yourself and your blog

I am Toni-Ann Hylton Mayembe.  I am a wife, mom, dentist,  Navy Reservist and blogger at drtonidds.com.  My blog helps moms achieve optimal oral health for themselves and the entire family.  My passion is to serve and help others.  I am able to do that through practicing dentistry.  I not only do
I create beautiful smiles, but help my patients become healthy through eliminating oral diseases.  That is really when I start to feel like a superhero. 🙂

A year ago I felt like I wasn’t helping enough people or that what I was doing was only a small contribution to the world.  This shift is what led me start my blog.  Now,  I also get to help moms worldwide through my blog posts and other resources.

What is the best moment you have had as a mom?

I have many great moments, but the best is when my two little boys stop fighting and hug each other and take care of each other.  That always makes me smile and saw “ahh.”

Advice you can give to other moms.

You are enough.  Many times we are made to feel like we have to be the perfect employee or business owner.   Then come home and be the perfect wife and mom with the perfectly clean house and well behaved kids.  Unfortunately, life happens.  You have a rough day at work.  You come home and your husband gets on your nerves and then your kids decide to be artist and color all over your walls.  Even on the crazy days you are still an awesome mom and you are enough.  Don’t pressure yourself to be perfect all of the time.


There are moments when I feel like I am not good enough mom to my kids, but I remind myself often … I am enough.  I am awesome mom even if I forget to give the kids a bath and burn dinner while trying to fix my son’s toy I broke.  So, mama you are awesome and you are enough.

What is the scariest part about being a mom?

The scariest part about being a mom, especially a first time mom, is the feeling that you don’t know what you are doing.  As a result, you question yourself a lot and find yourself on Pinterest more than ever.  LOL

Tell us a story about motherhood

One of my favorite moments is with my youngest son who was not even one years old at the time.  Ever since he was an infant I would sing to him (mainly the ABC song) to calm him down when he was upset or fussy.  As he got older he would try to sing the ABC song and I thought it was so cute.  One day, my husband left a cup of water near the edge of the table where my son could reach it.  Of course the little guy went for the cup and missed.  The water spilled all of the floor.  My husband said “oh no, Josiah!!”  And was pretty upset.  I think he was more upset with himself.  My little guy felt bad and started singing the ABC song to my husband!  I could not stop laughing that day.


My son recognized my husband’s emotions and tried to make him feel better.  I was so proud of him that day and so entertained.



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