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Steroids for Working Out – The Ins And Outs

When we are young we seem to be able to eat anything we like and somehow it doesn’t affect our physics, unfortunately, this bubble soon bursts when we hit a certain age and it’s all downhill from there. We have to start ‘watching’ what we eat, boo, and being more active to compensate for those ‘cheat’ meals we enjoy so much.

The minute we start noticing results we get the hunger, the adrenalin starts pulsing and we want to see more and in a quicker turnaround time, and this is where anabolic steroids come into play for those looking to get that extra edge.

The minute we start noticing results when working out, this is where anabolic steroids come into play for those looking to get that extra edge. Here's how:

Why do we start to work out?

You suddenly start seeing an increased number of gym members walking through your local fitness center, classes being fully booked when you go online to sign up and you start to worry about what you look like and if your outfit is ‘hip’ enough.

Thankfully for me, I am not too fussed about being in the latest fashions or gym gear so that was one less thing to have to worry about, but my cousin, who loves the gym lately and who has become a gym junkie, is all about the look.

The matching tops and bottoms, the hydro water bottle made by hand from organic bamboo that has been farmed in the middle of a jungle on some remote island, it’s all too much. But if it makes her feel confident then hats off to her, each to their own as my granny used to say.

So why do people become obsessed with the way they look? Is it for status and to fit in socially, is it to lead a better, healthier lifestyle, or is it simply the constant motivation to be bigger and better than not only yourself but the guy next to you on the machines pumping just as much iron as you? That’s where women might consider turning to anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids explained

For the most part, we understand the basics of steroid use and the need of steroids for working out. it gives you the advantage you need to progress further in your fitness regime and to elevate the level of physical strength needed to be competitive if that’s the path you are taking.

Steroids are made up of a man-made chemical stimulant hormone that is already found naturally within the body, testosterone, but as we get older the production of testosterone starts to diminish.

Testosterone is responsible for the sex drive or desire in men, also known as their ‘libido,’ in conjunction with this it increases bone and muscle mass highly desired in the bodybuilding and weightlifting sporting industry and maintenance of fat distribution.

There are a few reasons why testosterone is important in the body and regulating its functions which you can read about here and why as it decreases athletes opt for boosters or supplements to replenish the supply that isn’t being made as much.

With modern-day medical and technical advances, these supplements and minerals are constantly tweaked and tested to offer you the best performance-enhancing assistance.

Testosterone has 2 various effects on the body, androgenic (the features that make a man a ‘male’ like deepened voice and facial hair) and then there’s anabolic (the increased muscle and bone mass factor).

Steroids and the gym

When athletes or gym goers use anabolics they are looking to usually increase their bulk and overall size, as testosterone aids the protein in the cells of the muscles allowing them to recover and repair quicker, the user can get back to the gym and push harder in a shorter turnaround time. It essentially speeds up the repair process in the muscle fibers and tissues.

You can go to the gym for hours on end, eat all the leaves on the trees, and still only be ‘good’ when it comes to performance and physic, and that is perfectly fine for us mere mortals not looking to walk around like a bronzed hulk of a person. For those in the weightlifting industry, good is far below par and not something any respectable athlete would allow for themselves.

3 Facts about steroids

  • World War 2. This is when steroids were rumored to have appeared, in the 1930’s troops were given them before battle to increase their aggressiveness and made for better soldiers.
  • Pills vs Injections. Either method gets the anabolic into the system it’s all down to preference. Some people can’t commit to injecting themselves all the time, or if you’re like my run at the sight of a needle, others can’t get past their gag reflex to swallow a handful of tablets so you do what’s best suited to you.
  • ‘Stacking’ or ‘Cycling.’ Stacking is referred to as taking a combination of steroids, as well as in a mixture of pill and injection, in the hopes of enhancing the results quicker.

Cycling is more about progression, you take steroids for a set period and then come off them completely for another set time, and back on again afterward. It allows the body to somewhat recover from the intense usage and then be shocked again ‘waking’ the muscles.

To find out more before you embark on your fitness journey, watch this quick video on how to start your steroid cycle for some handy advice and tips that could help you understand the process better.

Final thoughts

While we are aware that steroids are not for everyone and I have seen many an ‘uppity’ individual scoff at the mention of taking supplements that are chemically made to gain an advantage physically, I also think they are quite hypocritical.

I’m sure if we had to go around their home we would see anti-wrinkle or anti-aging lotions and potions, salads and bottled water in the fridge or non-fat low-fat everything in the pantry, so is this not the same as trying to change your body?

No matter the opinions of others, it is your life and you live it to how you see fit if this means taking anabolics then so be it.

Just be sure that you do it safely and give a wink when you walk past at the gym, am I right ladies?


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