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6 Things To Do As a Morning Routine to Jump Start Your Day

Small habits create autopilot success

Ever wondered why some people just seem to have it all together in their morning routine? While other people just struggle to find that inner drive to get up. Well, let’s just say it’s the little things in life that really do matter.

These past few months I have read, listened to, and even watch some of the most successful entrepreneurs. I discovered some common trends they have in building success. My top three online mentors right now, Jay Shetty, Bob Helig, and Grant Cardone. Whom I’ll be discussing throughout this article. All three successful men have very different approaches to success. Yet, they seem to understand what it really takes to get the day going.

Jay Shetty’s approach is all about gratitude and compassion. As for Bob Helig, he teaches how to scale through love, serve, and grow. For the uncle of sales, Grant Cardone, he teaches you to 10x in everything you do.


Need a jump start to your day? With these 6 steps, you can begin to change how you do your morning routine and feel good. The Common Trend to Success and How You Can Benefit

All three entrepreneurs really emphasize the importance of consistency. We have a general idea that consistency is one of the keys to success. We know it, but it just seems like a harder task to accomplish.  That is because actually building consistency takes effort all on its own. What I find to be of real value that can result in success is “habits”. Being consistent in building the right habits, will get you from point A to B.

All three successors have morning routines that really set their tone for the rest of the day. Their mind is already on autopilot to success. You’d be surprised that these habits they have built aren’t rocket science or anything impossible to do. The common trend they all have is their morning routine. Very similar tasks in building habits, but done differently to their own uniqueness.

Now let’s look at these common habit-building exercises or tasks you can do in the mornings to set the tone in your favor.

Need a jump start to your day? With these 6 steps, you can begin to change how you do your morning routine and feel good.

6 Top Things You Should in the Morning

1. Wake up at 6 am

I get it, not everyone is capable of this and sometimes our circumstances don’t allow us to get ourselves up at this time in the morning. I know my hubby can’t, he works graveyard shifts. However, it’s the motion of the ocean that will get you flowin’. This means, get up early enough so you can do the rest of the 4 exercises below before heading out to the real world.

If you struggle to get up in the mornings, get an alarm. Set your alarm to wake you up close to the time you typically wake up, but 10 mins earlier. Keep doing this every time your body gets used to waking up 10 minutes earlier. When you don’t need that alarm anymore, keep setting it 10 mins back until you reach your desired time to wake up. You’ll be amazed at how early you can actually get up when you start this small habit.

waking up at 6am

2. Breathe!

This task can be done the moment you wake up. It was something I learned to appreciate through Jay Shetty’s book “Think Like a Monk”. It only takes a maximum of 2 minutes, if you feel you may end up going to bed, set an alarm.

Lay in bed, with your eyes closed, and for two minutes allow the oxygen to flow through your entire body. While doing this, think of the things you are grateful for. Grant Cardone does something very similar, he writes his goals on a notepad that is situated right next to his bed. Bob Helig, has a gratitude journal. The goal of this exercise is to just get your body moving slowly and your mindset in a positive direction.

breathe more

3. Drink Water

After setting your intentions, as soon as you get your body moving (slowly), and of course after brushing your teeth. Drink water. All three successful men have stated that drinking water before eating really helps your digestive system going and helps cleanse impurities. The importance of gut health is key in getting your organs to move in your favor.

drink water

4. Exercise

This may seem like a huge task to accomplish every morning. I had to admit this was a hard one for me too. However, this was a very common trend that each of these successors made clear that they do every single morning. So, I figured out how to start this habit small, without feeling like this was impossible.

After drinking water, I would squat or do 5 jumping jacks. Each day after, I would just increase it by 1 or 2. Big enough to make an impact, but small enough to pat me on the back for a job well done. Again, the goal wasn’t to just do a full workout. It was to get the body moving and the endorphins going to feel good.

exercise on a daily basis


5. Affirmations and/or Prayer

I love this exercise. Anything that helps with mental fit is worth taking a look at.  The fact that I see more and more people believing in this, gets me really hyped up. But, did you know that stating your affirmations and/or saying your prayers are best in the morning? That is because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. The more and more you say it with intention can really change your mindset to build more positive habits throughout the day.

I believe that beliefs are habits of thoughts. This was introduced to me during one of my lessons with Bob Helig. So, the more we think of these thoughts, the closer we get to building that belief. Affirmations and/or prayer can help with that thought process. The more we say things out loud or even in our minds (intentionally) the more we build on those thoughts to be true. Which signals the brain to produce the behavior we need to act out our beliefs. Prayer helps create a specific wave of energy that allows the universe to be in tune with the prayer. The more often we say our prayers the more we understand our values.

pray everyday


6. Take vitamins everyday

I know that saying taking vitamins everyday is what the doctors say, but it’s the truth! Did you know that instead of buying a random vitamin at the grocery store that you can take a detailed survey and get prepackaged vitamins just for you? Being able to take a quiz about what you are looking for and then it is delivered is so key, especially when it comes to vitamins.

I don’t know anything about vitamins unless my doctor tells me so I loved that I could put in all the different things that I was looking for and Persona was able to create a vitamin plan for me. Persona offers 85+ high-quality supplements including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and other botanicals. They send a whole box of daily personalized vitamin packs and they are delivered every 28 days so that you never run out. The best part is that you don’t have to stand in the store guessing which one is best for you to take.

Also, they come in little packs so I don’t have a ton of pill bottles all over my house. It helps me out a ton because I never remember to take vitamins, but because they are altogether in a little pack, I have no excuse now.

persona monthly pills


When we decide to make massive changes in the way we naturally behave, we make it hard for us to reach this goal. Then, when we don’t accomplish these new changes fast enough, we start to signal the failure card in our minds. Which, we all know stops us from actually achieving our goals. Starting small, allows you to ignite the rewards system. Every small success allows you to feel good which builds the rapport you need in yourself.  So in reality, small success creates bigger rewards long-term.

Following these very simple and overlooked habits in the morning can really change the way your day goes. Of course, this isn’t foolproof it does take a lot of work to change up old habits to new ones.  To successfully change old habits is to remember to start small!

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