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7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Feel Better

Are you feeling awful right now? If so, you’re not alone. Negative emotions, thoughts and feelings are more common than you might think. Fortunately, science can help. There are some evidence-based ways that you can dramatically improve how you feel and get back to normality again. Here’s what to do:

Are you feeling awful right now? There are some evidence-based ways that you can dramatically improve how you feel. Here’s what to do:

Try Singing

Singing is a great way to get you out of your head and back into your body. Activating the vocal cords and singing loudly changes your biochemistry and puts your brain in a different mode. Sometimes, just the sound of music can be a wonderful, quick and cheap way to lift your mood.


Go Out In The Sunshine

Sitting indoors all day long isn’t good for people. As bi-pedal apes, we should be outside in the sunshine for most of the day enjoying ourselves.


Going outside and exposing yourself to sunlight adjusts your circadian rhythm. It reminds your body that it is daytime and begins to flood you with alertness hormones. Being in bright sunlight also positively affects your mood..

go sit in the sun

Read A Page From Your Favorite Book

Do you have a favorite book? If so, you might want to try reading a page from it. It should help lift your mood because of the positive associations that you have with it.

You can also try other things, such as reading poetry or even writing something yourself. Getting your thoughts on paper can fundamentally change how you feel.

reading a book

Write Down Something You Feel Grateful For

Gratitude culture is sweeping the western world. People understand that always wanting more is a recipe for disaster. Being content is the only way to live successfully.

Writing down something that you are grateful for everyday can remind you that your life is worth living. It makes the positive aspects of your existence more concrete.


Exercise More

Exercise is an amazing treatment for all kinds of mental ills. It’s very rare for somebody to hike all day and feel depressed at the end of it. If you’re feeling down, just commit to exercise. Don’t feel like you have to push yourself. Just do something where you are continually active, such as cycling.


Exercising will change your body’s internal chemistry. Suddenly, you’ll feel more alive and better able to tackle the challenges that you face.


Talk To A Child

Children are great examples of how adults should live. They are carefree and all they want to do is have fun. They’re not obsessed with the deadly triad of money, sex and power. Instead, they just accept life as it comes to them. Children help you see another side of life. They’re always up lifting.


Make Somebody Laugh

Humor can be a great way to escape a negative mood – as can socializing. Combining the two, therefore, is a powerful antidote to however you feel right now. Find something to giggle about and remind yourself that life is a positive experience and well worth living.


So, there you have it: some simple things that you can do right now to feel better.


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