8 Quick Tips for Keeping Kids Happy While Traveling

Traveling with kids can be a hassle for both the parents and other travelers. If you aren’t careful and don’t consider this, there will be consequences. The travel time that you’re supposed to have for relaxation and fun is bound to be a challenging feat. With that said, below are eight tips you can do that will help keep your kids happy while you’re onboard a plane with them. Check them out below:


1. Check the flight details

You should consider your kids when you’re planning your flight. You want to make it as pleasant an experience for them as possible. For example, you should check when your check-in is to make sure that it doesn’t take you too long. Otherwise, your kids will be impatient and thus, cranky.

Aside from check-in time, you should also make sure that you’ve got the seats planned out. If your kids might be going to the bathroom a lot, then you should assign them in the aisle seat. However, if you want to have a better handle on them or want to entertain them, then they should be in the window seat then.

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2. Always be prepared

When it comes to being a parent and traveling with your kids, you can never be too prepared. It’s better that you’re over-prepared than under-prepared. The reason is that you’ll regret not bringing this or that with you along for the trip.

Also, a flight isn’t the most comfortable thing for your kids. Thus, you should make sure that you’ve got the equipment to make it easier for them.

Bring some entertainment for them like a small media player. That way they can watch cartoons while on the flight. Plenty of snacks and drinks should also be on-hand so that your kids don’t complain about hunger. Wet wipes are a must for cleaning up all sorts of messes as well, so bring a healthy amount with you.


3. Interact with your kids throughout the flight

If you can communicate with your kids, then you should before, during, and even after the flight. Tell them what to expect in the plane so that they are less irritated by being stuck sitting in a plane for what could be hours on end.

Aside from that, encourage them to tell you how they’re feeling throughout the flight so that you know how to address any issues that they may have. Even before the trip itself, you should give them a brief account of what’s about to go on. As much as possible, try to get them excited about it so that they look forward to the trip with you.


4. Pack snacks in your carry-on

Bringing snacks with you is an integral part of keeping your kids happy while in the flight. Although food and beverage are available in the plane, you should pack some in your best carry-on luggage so that as soon as they’re in the plane, you can feed them. You should buy water as soon as the foodservice is available so that you can hydrate your kids as quickly as possible. Be prepared because as soon as your kids have a drink, they may need to go to the bathroom soon as well. Bringing snacks with you is best, especially if your kids have special dietary restrictions that you need to consider.


5. Bring entertainment

As mentioned before, you need to entertain your kids in some way during the flight. This way they’re distracted or aren’t bored from the flight. Although some planes have screens where kids can watch on, some don’t have them. So it’s better to bring a tablet or a gadget where your kids can watch their favorite shows.

You can bring plenty of toys and entertainment for them that aren’t too bulky but still provide great entertainment. For example, you can bring some clay or some coloring books and coloring materials for them. If they have any comfort toys, then, of course, let them carry it with them.

6. Take a toilet stop

Your kids have smaller bladders compared to an average adult so you should keep in mind that they’re likely to take bathroom breaks often, especially if they’ve been eating throughout the flight. You can portion out their drinks so that they don’t have to get up and go too often into the bathroom.


7. Help your kids sleep

The best way to keep you and your kids happy during a flight is by using this time for them to rest. Make them as comfortable as possible so that they can sleep well on the plane. Bring some pillows and blankets with you. They don’t have to be big ones. Neck pillows are good enough for your kids. If you want, you can even dress them in pajamas so that they’re as comfortable as possible in the flight. If they have any night rituals, then it may be best to walk them through those rituals as well so that they can feel sleepier.


8. Be considerate to fellow passengers

Kids are going to be a hassle not just for you, but also for the people around you. As a parent, you should be responsible for the actions of your kids. Proactive consideration of your kids also serves as your way to show concern to your fellow passengers. Being on top of your kids’ behavior will significantly make it easier for you, your kids, and your fellow passengers to endure the flight.

With these eight tips on how to keep kids happy while on a flight, you are getting the right mindset of prioritizing your kids’ needs during the flight. Being a priority is what your kids need to be able to have a better time than most during a flight. So make sure you keep this in mind every time you plan on traveling with your kids via plane.


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