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What You Need to Know About Repairing a Water Heater

Water Heater Repairer – Understanding the Basics

There are few things that are as crucial to life as water, hence the saying that water is life. Its crucial nature spreads to the different facets of life and living, with the list of its uses being endless. However, beyond it being crucial to life and living, it is also necessary for the different activities involved in daily modern life. Its uses range from the domestic to the industrial, and some times, these uses require that it be presented in a certain state for increased efficiency.

This reality has led to the manufacturing of equipment that facilitates its use in different scenarios. One such piece of equipment is the water heater. It’s important to start off using a Water Heater Installation Milwaukee or a professional local to you to get you set up, but you might find it a little more straightforward to make minor repairs yourself. Read on to understand the basics about repairing a water heater.

Water is life to many families and one of such equipment is the water heater. Read on to understand the basics about repairing a water heater. 

What is a Water Heater?

To begin, basically, this is equipment built to heat up water when connected to an energy source. There are many variations of these equipment and they can sometimes serve multiple purposes. Whatever the type, one thing that most of them have in common is the ability to get water hot, hold it in storage and then in some cases, maintain its temperature.



As with all inventions, a lot of modifications have been made to this equipment to further improve its efficiency. Therefore, we have different types available today from which we shall look at the five most popular ones. These include the following:


The Conventional Heater

This is the most popular of the bunch and is commonly used in different parts of the world. It comes with a tank big enough to contain in some cases more than 60 gallons.


The Instant or Tankless Heater

These are so called because they have no storage tanks, and this is due to the fact that its heating system is activated only on demand. These types mostly use electricity, though there are new models currently that run either on gas or propane.


The Solar Powered Heater

A solar powered heater is made up of a tank and a collector, and it is the collector that heats the water using sunlight. It is the most cost effective of all the types of water heaters and is perfect for places or countries that are usually very sunny.


The Heat Pump Heater

This is also known as a hybrid heater. It is the very opposite of a refrigerator in that it takes heat from the air in the room and then transfers it to the cold water being poured in.


The Tankless Coil Heater

Another heater is the Tankless Coil and it also produces hot water on demand without a tank. It makes use of the home space heating system to heat up water. If you have a central heating system for your home, then this option will be ideal for you.


Common Problems and Challenges

A lot of people tend to forget that water heaters are mechanical instruments that require maintenance. This obvious truth only becomes apparent when it develops a fault and then there is a scramble to find a Water Heater Repair service in order to get it fixed and suitable for use again.

Obviously, this is not the best way to handle any mechanical instrument. This is because, by the time you discover the fault, it might already be too late, or it might even have caused greater damage. This is where you will then need to get in touch with a service like Morris Jenkins to come and repair the damage for you.

Before you call a repairer, understand that some of the faults that will usually develop may be one that can be fixed without recourse to a professional. Some might even be prevented if due diligence is applied and proper care is given to it.

That said, the most common faults it usually develops that you should take note of include the following:

  1. Producing Too Little Hot Water: This is one of the most common faults that it normally develops. This can be rectified by moderately increasing the temperature in the thermostat of the tank.
  2. Not Giving Out Any Hot Water at All: This might be a problem either of the thermocouple, if gas powered, or the heating element, if electrically powered. However, whatever it might be, it is better you engage the services of a pro to fix it up especially where the fault has not yet been determined.
  3. Gives out Smelly Water: This is a sure sign of bacterial infection. This can be solved by draining the tank itself and filling it with a water solution and hydrogen peroxide. Leave it there for a couple of hours then drain the tank and then rinse with clean water. If however the odor persists, then engage a professional.
  4. Tank Itself Becomes Noisy: This could be an indicator of several problems. It could be a sign that its heating element has started burning out or that there are sediments at the bottom amongst other issues. Here also, emptying the tank should generally fix the problem. If however it doesn’t, consult a professional.
  5. It Starts Leaking: This may be a sign that the tank has come to the end of its journey. You may have to get a new one or have a professional fix the leak.

If you are clueless on how to repair your water heater, engaging the services of a professional will be in your best interest. Just make sure that you are engaging a reputable organization or individual, both when purchasing and when repairing.



Though relegated most of the times to the background, these heaters have proven to be very essential to our homes. Despite this level of importance, the information that most people have about its use and maintenance still leaves a lot to be desired.

Proper care and maintenance not only makes it last longer, but also ensures it serves you the owner better. It is therefore in your best interest as the owner to ensure that proper maintenance and care is given to it.




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