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4 Android Parental Controls to Teach Technology Safety to Kids

There is a recurrent debate about the role that technology plays in the lives of the youngest. Digital tools are essential in the daily life of the new generations (millennials and Generation Z, the firstborn in the Internet era) and will continue to be in their future. The digital language is for them something natural. But being a digital native is not synonymous with knowing how to make responsible use of technology. It is necessary to reach a balance between digital and analog. To help parents in this regard, here we present you 5 tips:


Parents can use Android parental controls offered by specialized digital apps such as FamilyTime android parental control app.

1. Establish schedules of use

As we already know, technology occupies and will occupy a leading role in the life of your child, so it would not be logical to try to take him away from it. But you need to understand that there are times when technology is not necessary. We propose, for example, that during lunch and dinner, everyone leaves their mobile phone off the table. We also suggest that, if you are watching a movie together, make sure that no one is using your smartphone.


2. Prevent your children from going to sleep accompanied by electronic devices

The time to go to sleep implies just that, sleep. We all need to rest, especially the little ones. If you allow them to go to bed with a device under your arm, you risk being turned on as soon as you turn around and leave the room. Your child will not rest and that will end up affecting his mood, performance, and development

3. Encourage their performance in cultural, sports or outdoor activities

People socialize with interacting with other people. And while it is true that new communication technologies open new paths to this socialization, the digital can not replace the human, face to face contact. Encourage your child to undertake activities outside the home in which he comes into contact with other children. If you are entertained, you will not feel the need to run out and check notifications on your mobile.


4. Respect their privacy, but teach them to take care of it

From certain ages, there will be things that your children will not want to share certain aspects of their private life. It’s normal and it does not have to be bad. They have the right to privacy, and you must respect it, but they must understand that to be able to trust you must be aware of what networks they are in and what for. Do not assume that your children know how to make responsible use of technology because you consider them to be very mature. Be sure to offer guidance on the use of new technological tools, their benefits, limits, and risks.

android parental controls
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Android Parental Controls – One tool to implement all these tips

To apply all these tips, parents can use Android parental control offered by specialized digital apps such as the FamilyTime android parental control app.

android parental controls

These controls enable parents to manage their kid’s device usage, their screen time, their usage hours and schedules, their performed activities, their app usage, and much more. The mentioned app gives parents an additional advantage in blocking their access to inappropriate content with efficient web filters and safe browsing options.



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